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I started carrying a camera to my shows (just one of those disposable ones) since February. I heard this idea at my Total Lineage Leader Conference from Lisa Johnson. [Lisa is awesome! So if any of you plan to go to the Power Packed Seminar on Thursday night at Conference it's worth it!!! Lisa will be speaking (held 207 shows in a year) as well as Julie Davis ( tops in 1999 with 37 sponsors).]

Anyway, I take the hostesses picture at every single show. I tell her she is going to be in my "Hostess Hall of Fame." I also leave a sheet with her that I ask her to fill out right then for me.

The top half is blank, leave room to paste the picture.

Bottom half --
My name is _____________________ and I held a show on __________________________.

I receive a $_____________ shopping spree and chose __________items for half price, saving me another $__________.

There a few thought about my Candle Show:

Then you take this book/binder with you to all of your shows and pass it around at a booking tool. Others will see how much you can get by having a show. The hostesses are proud to have their picture taken, even though most of them act like they don't want you to take it.

Annette Kaempfe, SUL, A-nettwork Afire Unit
Field of Dreams Region, St. Louis, MO

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