Cold Calling
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Cold-Calling the Guest list Monique (from the candlepartytoo list)

Great idea.... what do you say though?? We don't know these people .... 
also, what if the hostess does not give us phone numbers for all the people?

I feel it is in the best interest of building my business by building a rapport with my future clients.

I call during the day to *hopefully* get an answering machine. This way I can usually be done with each phone call in under a minute. I call and say something like this:

Hi! My name is Monique Noriega and I am ___________'s (name of Hostess) [company] Candle Consultant. I am calling to leave a message for ______________ (guest's name). ____________ (name of Hostess) is having a [company] candle show on ________ (date and time) and I am helping her make her reminder calls to get an R.S.V.P. from her guests. Please call her at ___________(her phone number) or myself (leave your phone number) and let us know how many will be attending. Since everyone who attends receives a gift we want to make sure you receive yours that night. (I give each guest a tealight just for coming and another PER guest they bring). Don't will receive an extra gift for EVERY extra friend you bring with you to her show. (I send out my own computer invites that say to bring a friend and get a gift). Have a great day and I can't wait to meet you next (day of show) Thursday!

I try to build rapport by calling guests to let them know that I am a real person who cares about helping my hostess have a great show and leave the open-ended idea that if THEY were to have a show I would be just as helpful with their show.

As for getting the phone numbers from the hostess....I tell her when I book her date that I NEED ALL THE INFO about her guests (names, addresses, ZIP and PHONE #'s) If I don't have the phone number or she CHOOSES not to give them to me I tell her it is SPECIFICALLY her responsibility to make sure she calls them to remind them and get a head count. I CAN ONLY HELP HER AS MUCH AS SHE WILL ALLOW ME TO DO SO. Having phone numbers so either she or I may call guests IS CRUCIAL to having a good turnout and a successful show. They usually give me the phone numbers when I explain to them how I use them and why having them is important.

I find it's usually just a trust issue. If they don't really trust you, you won't get them from the hostess.

Good luck and I hope this helps. By the way, I can often get bookings over the phone from guests either before the show or by calling them after the show (if they couldn't attend).

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