A Tale of Two Hostesses
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Tale of Two Hostesses

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to host a [company] show.
With free candles & accessories a discount as well, you couldn’t say no!

Here’s a tale of two hostesses, as you can see.
So, read and choose which you will be.

First there was Mary, so proper was she
Her invitations were written in calligraphy.
“I’ll just invite ten.  I don’t know too many.
I’m not sure that many chairs will fit in my den.”
Her beautiful catalog sat at home on the table.
“Outside orders? Oh, I wasn’t able.”
She set a buffet fit for a king,
But forgot to give her guests a reminder ring.
The night of her show, her home looked just great,
So we got out the candles and proceeded to wait.
Only one guest arrived at the workshop, you see.
“Why,” Mary wondered, “does this happen to me?”

And then there was Patti, so excited was she
She’d already picked out her free candles from me.
She mailed forty invites, and then she told
Many more people than her house could hold.
People wanted to know what she was talking about,
So she would quickly pull her [company] catalog out.
She talked about the elegant holders & candles of quality.
Outside orders were no problem, not for her!
She called and reminded them to bring a friend or two,
And said, “Your friend will love it and so will you!”
The day of the show she picked up snacks and then
Hurried home, got ready and welcomed me in.
Guests came in great numbers, overflowing to the door.
They watched at the table, they stood in the door.
The house wasn’t perfect, but they laughed anyway.
They had a great time at the workshop that day.
The orders were completed, the candles she wanted, she earned!
“WOW!” she exclaimed, “this was really great fun!”

The moral of this story won’t leave you to brood:
Concentrate on your guests, not your home or the food.


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