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Extraordinary Hostess Coaching Gina

I think what you do BEFORE your shows will impact your show average more than what you do AT your shows!!! HOSTESS COACHING is the key to a high show average!!!!

My hostesses receive several things in the mail from me as well as telephone calls before their show . . .
1) Always write at the top of the blank guest list in their packet "Return by ________" -- it works wonders! Also include a brightly colored, self addressed, stamped envelope if possible.

2) I send a "thank you" postcard immediately after they book their show with me and I put a sticker on it that says "I'm Watching for your Guest List" (postcards and stickers from Jenny B -- 1-800-5-JENNYB).

3) Shortly thereafter, I mail out a "Tic Tac Toe" challenge. Hostesses have the opportunity to earn additional free credit based on how many tic tac toes they get! The boxes have things like hold show on original date (center box), return guest list by specified time, collect $100+ in outside orders, take 30 minutes to listen to the PL income opp, have 15 or more buying guests,
have $500+ in sales, etc. I find that they pay more attention to this by me mailing it out separately rather than putting it in the original Hostess Collection envelope!

4) If I don't get their Guest Lists back, I call them! I do not cause panic because then they have a reason to cancel!!! I simply say that if they'd like me to send out written reminders to their guests I need their list ASAP otherwise they can just re-invite everyone verbally! I use the opportunity on the phone to see how many they've invited, are they encouraging friends, etc.

Also -- if I do get their list back and it doesn't have at least 20 names on it -- I CALL THEM!!! I nicely explain that I want to help them think of others they may invite because only 1/2 to 1/3 of the people on a list typically show up! If I can't help her think of anyone else to add, I offer an incentive for her to call each one on the list already and encourage them to each bring 1-2 friends.

5) Then I send another mailing -- a letter showing Option A (a regular show) vs. Option B (a starter show) and how they can easily turn their upcoming show into a wonderful new business for themself!!!!

6) One more phone call a couple of days before to see how many guests they are expecting (I offer an incentive to increase the # if it is low), directions to their home and to see which Option they chose for their show -- A or B???

THEN at the show I do carry high ticket items -- Gaslight Lamp, Garden Lantern, Ships Belle, nothing on my table costs less than $25.

AFTER THE SHOW -- I do not leave the hostess copies of the Guest Orders right away -- I bring them home to make sure they are easily readable so my hostess isn't frustrated when separating the orders later! I send her all the hostess receipts with small "thank you slips" to include in each guests bag (they say something like thank you for your order . . . if you'd like to have your own PL show call me . . . "when you're down and feeling blue perhaps you should order a candle or two!"), I also include a thank you note to the hostess, my business card magnet and a coupon which offers her an additional $10 in free product when she books another PL show within 1 year!

I get a LOT of rebookings! I hope it's because I've made my hostess feel special and made her job easy enough to do again. I have a $630 show average and the average guests at my shows is 11. I hope this info helps someone else to boost their show average! GOOD LUCK and happy COACHING!

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