Votive Challenge
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I have been having troubles getting bookings, so this is something I'm
doing. I sent out this letter to 15 different past guests/hostesses and
issued them a challenge. So far, I've had 4 people respond that they are
going for it. I would love to get more! When January is over, I will
continue with this challenge, and probably offer $25 gift certificates or
something similar. Hope this works for others too!

Dawn W. (Dawn - I need your email address to enter you in the contest! Belinda@bestofboards.com )

To _____________:
Have I got a great deal for you! I'm offering this challenge to only my
best customers and past hostesses! It's my 2000 Votive Challenge. I have
enclosed our new 2000 catalog. Take a few minutes to look through it -
the new product is absolutely amazing!

If you sell 10 dozen votives to your family and friends, I will give you
a 3 wick candles FREE! That's right...absolutely FREE! I'm sure you have
10 friends out there that love candles, and the quality of our candles
surpasses anything else on the market today! Our wicks are lead-free
...and our votives burn 8-10 hours. They are scented and colored all the
way through, so it will smell just as wonderful on the 8th hour as it
does the minute you light it! All you need to do is collect the orders
and payments, and turn them into me by January 27th.

Or, if you decide that there are SO many new items in our catalog that
you want for yourself ...then you can get those free also. All you need
to do is call me and set up a time for me to come to your home and do a
demonstration. In January, if your show is $400 with one booking, you
will receive $140 to spend however you wish! Doesn't that sound

Just give me a call if you plan on taking me up on the Votive Challenge.
I'm only offering the free 3-wick to the first 10 people that call me to
tell me they are taking me up on the challenge!! Good Luck!!

Your Candle Lady,

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