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Hanging files -- Subjects:
Current orders, not shipped yet (shows, COF's & ROF's)
Consultant info (their info + my weekly activity sheet)
Upcoming Hostesses (the prize slips they filled out, directions to their homes and their guest lists, clipped together)
Sponsoring info
Expense receipts
Forms (extra booking, etc.)
Form letters (For hostesses)
Sales ideas and flyers
Company Info( from monthly mailings)
Meeting ideas (anything I might want to use as soon as I am UL!)
Articles (various, related to MLM, business, managing money, etc.)
Things to copy (This would be flyers I don't have on my pc, can just take to the copier)

These are a lot of file subjects, but I need them all, and less folders would mean more searching.  I am a paper pack-rat anyway, and if it isn't filed, it is laying on my office floor!

I have a large 3 ring binder, with these sections:
1) PL, the Company (mostly printed from the home web site
2) 2+2 and Sponsoring (from the net and notes from mtgs)
3) Leadership (any flyers & notes from mtgs + the Leadership Program book)
4) Show/demo ideas (notes)
5) Booking ideas, hostess coaching notes
6) Selling and increasing sales (various sources + mtg. notes)
7) Motivational, inspirational, attitude
8) Goal setting

This may seem like a lot of filing, but keep in mind I had many many little piles of papers I can't part with all over.  Now they are all in vertical storage places, and I find I DO look things up and use them more.


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