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I use a 3 ring binder with the clear pockets on the cover:  Inside front is a printout of all unit members with name, phone, etc.  Back cover is my goal sheet from Leader Training at National conference.

Pocket folder
front:  building call form
back:  PL weekly reports
followed by Leader weekly call in pages
(this way I have them together for comparing!)
Pocket folder
front:  extra call in pages
back:  extra customer service logs
Back pocket of binder:  customer service logs &  outstanding orders from me placed to PL:  matches, buds n bloom, COF, etc.
Front pocket of binder:  ROFs:  These are also future CS calls!
Tab #1  Leader
This is the Leader's section for personal goals, tracking sheets, contact lists, etc.
Booking gifts (fill them out after a show), 2+2  Usually this is a printout of a list I've made like those mailed the candle sale flyer or just sent new catalogs, etc.
Sponsoring follow through questionnaire.  Front coaching tips for meeting follow-through/Influencing vs. Managing
Communication: one page under that for conversations with my rvp (sponsor)
Tab#2  "A" Consultants sponsoring, recommending forms, calendars (generic) to track starter shows, questionnaire, etc.
Each consultant's Questionnaire can be 3 hole punched on the right side of the paper so it lies face up on the left side of the notebook.  Right side of the notebook will be a tracking sheet, month at a glance calendar or just a lined piece of paper.
Line up Consultants in order of importance and how often they will be contacted.
 1.  Newest
 2.  New
 3.  VIPs
 4.  New Unit Leaders (3 months or less)
Tab #3   "B" consultants
 Line up in this order:
 1.  Bonus earners who do not want to be Leaders
 2.  Other consultants who are active and more
 3.  Unit leaders (4+ months)
Tab 4   "C" consultants
All consultants who are inconsistent with their activity, low sales, etc, or they are inactive (not placing an order for 4 months)
current flyers, specials, claim forms, brochures
Have a couple blank pieces of paper behind each tab or use pocket folders to drop ideas in sections
Tab#1  Opening
 Start on time and have a motivational opening  (consultants)
 Introduce meeting contents:  theme objective, agenda
Tab#2  Recognition
What do you give:  Unit, region, company
what gifts
compliment rather than duplicate
Flip from notes on conversations with consultants over to UWS notes to give appropriate recognition!
Tab#3 Training
Based on units needs, and current and upcoming promotions, time of year, etc.
Center on how to earn the promotion which will always include:  booking, sponsoring, hostess coaching
Income Opportunity and Leadership Opportunity must be presented at every meeting in some way
Leader should have a role in the training
Determine other speakers based on activity, needs  (form contact with a and b cons.)
Tab#4  Announcements
Tab#5  Close
recap meeting and questions
goal setting:  personal and unit
final comments:  future dates
Tab #6  Follow through
To check on their goals.
I personally don't do all the tabs, etc. for UWS....an outline with blanks works just as well on one page!

I also use a Portable Office for my shows:
Calculator, candle care cards, play money, name tags, pens:  inside cover.
Change:  outside pocket
Three ring:  PL price booklet, misc. handouts:  How to burn a three wick, blank copy of a gift certificate, you can have it alls, 4 areas of income, 10 most ??,  zipper bags with:  pens,
Use clear Page holders for above and also:  games, credit card sign, visual aids, etc.
Extra order forms
File for hostess
Throw all this in a tote bag with catalogs (folders) & hostess packets
It's nice to have everything right there as you need it when taking orders.

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