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20 Ways to Save Time

1. Use a monthly calendar and a daily "to do" list.
2. Maintain a Contact List for prospective Customers and Consultants.
3. Prioritize your "to do" list the night before. Decide who will be your 2+2+2 call each day. Write down their names and phone numbers.
4. Don't watch television during the day.
5. Eat a light lunch.
6. Attend all the meetings available to you. Try other people's ideas.
7. Set aside unimportant things.
8. Use small segments of time productively. Get dressed 30 minutes early and make calls before you leave for an appointment.
9. Do two things at the same time. Listen to the news on the radio while getting dressed instead of reading the newspaper.
10. Carry your calendar/datebook/name list with you at all times to add new names & new contacts you make with the phone number, important information, dates set, etc.
11. Eliminate clutter. Do you really need it? What would happen if you threw it away?
12. The phone is your friend! It saves you hours.
13. Learn to say "no".
14. Handle paperwork once. DO IT NOW.
15. Read mail with a pen in hand. Respond immediately.
16. Delegate. Who else can do the job?
17. Concentrate on only one thing at a time until it is done.
18. Put "waiting time" to good use - read, write thank you notes, etc.
19. Don't worry - 40% of what we worry about never happens.
20. Don't waste time regretting what you didn't do.

Evaluate: If I spend each day as I did today, will I reach my goals?

By effectively using your time, you will end each day with a feeling of well being and you will be energized because you reached your goals for that day.

Just as a building is completed one brick at a time; your dreams are reached one at a time.

Use as many of these ideas as you can or you have wasted the last few minutes of your life that you can never regain. Time is precious!

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