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Organization is a must for me!  I've been at this for almost 3 years now BUT I really feel great about how I've organized myself for 1998!  What I did was buy a Planner!  In my planner I have my Jan-Dec month at a glance calendar PLUS the week at a glance pages filed in for more detailed "to do" type notes.  Then I have sections for the following:

1)  Messages (Daytimer makes sheets called "Voice Mail Record" where you fit 4 messages on each side of the page.  There is a box to check off when the message has been taken care of so it acts like a "log" of all your messages!)

2)  "Sign Up Sheets"   - in here I have lists of who is coming to my unit meetings, the next regional and any other VIP training, etc.

3)  "New Consultants" -- I made up a sheet for EACH new consultant I personally sponsor or who is sponsored by someone w/in my unit.  On each I record the new consultants' name, address, phone number, starter show date, kit issue date, first 6 shows (name of hostess, date and a place to record the sales/bookings from each!), the date I lent the training video/the date they returned it to me, a place to check off when they qualify and how they do each month of Brite Start.  Because I am ALWAYS in my planner, this helps me to follow up with EACH new consultant (direct or indirect) after EACH of their first 6 shows to see how they are doing and to coach them if necessary along the way!!!!

4)  "Business Building Calls"  -- here I track the building calls I make with my VIPs and unit members to help hold them accountable.

5)  Hotline Info -- I keep updated info to refer to here (I keep the Leader Hotline info here too)

6)  Sponsoring Leads -- here is where I keep my running list of all sponsoring leads and what is going on with each one.  I cross out or add as necessary all the time

And lastly, I have my "Telephone Book" in the back -- A-Z tabs w/ all important phone numbers!  One thing I did recently that has helped me a lot is I have written in near each consultants' name, their ID # so it's easy to find when I have to call the HO for someone, etc.!

I always keep a catalog in the back and blank note pages so I am ready for anything!!!!   I would be LOST without this planner!


Another suggestion:

Having tried a larger planner (Franklin) that was heavy, this is what's working for me:

Use a pocket planner/purse combo.  Has my personal life & shows with me at all times! The boxes are small so I have hostess name and phone # on the date of show.  Has month at a glance and 2 pages for each day.  The to do's on one/the did, talked to, etc. on the other.  This is nice cuz it goes over my shoulder, I can stick the DP slip in the pocket with directions etc. to hostesses home, right there.  When I do the larger purse thing, with all my propaganda in tote, I take the strap off and throw it in.

For all the unit info, reports, weekly call in,  tracking rof's, customer service log,  etc, I use a Portable Office separately at my desk.  Pat Michner briefed our region on how to do one and this works great.  If you want an outline on how to do one, I'd be happy to oblige!  (Three ring binder)

Use the PL planner mostly for the hostess record info....flow sheet and logging calls in the 2+2 section.  Shows that have closed in a month, vs. held in a month, I tally on an index card and then staple that to the hostess record page.  Here's another tiny tip .....I had some of those stick on tab dividers and have used them to label each month along the bottom of the page: starting on the Left side with Jan, Feb, etc.  Easy to flip right to the month you need instead of Paper clips or whatever!!!!

Gina's ideas are great........!!!!!!!!!!!  Find what works for you!!!!


And another:

Every time-management class I've ever taken has stressed only using one calendar.  You risk missing appointments or other important events by having to write it down in more than one place.  Plus, it uses your valuable time to continually update all your calendars.

I use a Franklin Planner.  My husband and best friend got me the "starter" kit about 4 years ago and then my husband sent me to an all-day seminar.  I thought it was going to be a total waste of time ... 8 hours to learn how to use a calendar???  It was so worth it!!!  I recommend it to everyone.

My planner has Jan/Dec month-at-a-glance and then I have daily pages to go behind each month.  I always have the Jan/Dec pages in it but I only carry the full months pages for the current and next month.  There is a blank summary page in the beginning of each month and this is where I keep track of my shows .. date sent, hostess name, compensatable sales, show #, # of bookings.  I track my WTD, MTD and YTD sales on this sheet.

The daily pages are what I work off of each day.  I write down my tasks and prioritize them.  I use different symbols so that I can tell at-a-glance what has already been taken care of.  At the end of the day I take about 3 minutes to close up the day .. ie anything that wasn't handled that day I forward to another.  There's no better feeling than ending your day with a "To Do" list that's either been completed or forwarded.  These daily pages are what keep me on track each day.  I work on the tasks that I've written in the night before and this is where I record my telephone calls as well.

I also have tabs for reference, A-Z telephone listings, personal values & goals, finances, 5 year planning calendar and then extra tabs that I label myself.  In these extra tabs I have one for starter kit info, booking gifts, iou's, 2+2 contact list and one for me .. where I keep track of contests, trip points, etc.

To keep track of my consultants goals & businesses .. I use a portable office that Kathy Cunningham and Pat Michner taught us how to make.  Its one binder that I keep at my desk and it has tabs for A, B and C consultants.  I rank my consultants and have a few blank pages assigned to each one .. with her goal sheet attached.  I use these pages for our weekly/bi-weekly or monthly building calls.  This portable office is also where I keep my weekly activity reports, my sales analysis and any contest information that PLG sends us.  I also have a tab in it to jot notes for my upcoming unit workshops.

Last but not least, I do keep a file box with Jan/Dec tabs.  This is where I file my door prize slips that require future follow-up.

Works for me!


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