Turn It Around
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Day 1 Give yourself an Attitude adjustment - Positive- :-} 
Ask yourself-Why am I in this Business? 
Set income goal for next 3 mos. 
Get on the Phone - Book 2 shows to be held in next 6 weeks 

Day 2 Get Organized 
Know where things are 
Make files 
Use spiral notebook for messages, keeps them all in one place 
Book 2 more shows 

Day 3 Call every hostess from past 6 mos. 
If you've been in business less than 6 mos. create that contact list and call 
Book 2 more shows 
For past hostesses, book a show or encourage an O/S order 

Day 4 Call people whom you've talked to @ the Business 
People need summer jobs 
Teachers are out of school, great time to start PL 
Send post card, invite them to opportunity mtg. 
Book 2 more shows 

Day 5 Review your goals 
Are you going to reach them or surpass them, did you set them too high or too low 
Book 2 more shows 

Day 6 Hostess coaching all those new shows 
Book 2 more shows 

Day 7 Graduation Day - You Did It!!! 
Book 2 more shows 

This training was share with us by Cathy Cunningham, Field Trainer. I thought it was awesome. In 7 days you will have spent 15-20 minutes a day on the phone with 14 new bookings on your calendar! 


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