6 Types of Consultants
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From the Longaberger Message Board
Very applicable to all Direct Sales Consultants!

Six Types of Consultants

1. Friends & Family Consultant
Likes the idea of buying products for personal use at consultant discounts. Sells to neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. through catalog orders and home shows.

2. Short-Term Consultant
Sells for a short period of time. Wants to earn a specified amount. Stops when he/she's reached his/her goal.

3. Hobby Consultant
Loves doing home shows and earning extra money when it's convenient. Works a lot some months and less other months.

4. On-Site Consultant
Works for a company with lots of employees who love Longaberger®. Makes it convenient for everyone to order and to earn extra income too.

5. Part-Time Consultant
Part-time, consistent consultant who desires to make a specified monthly income to pay for nursery school, college tuition, car payment, etc.

6. Business-Building Consultant
Views Longaberger® as a viable career; knows it can provide a full time income. Pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder. Works at her business in a consistent and on-going manner - it's a real job!

Webmaster's note:
Too often leaders in any Direct Sales Company are ONLY concerned with #6 and do not realize that every type of consultant is important to their business and profitable in their own way.

I would add a 7th type of consultant to the list; one that is a conglomerate of all 6 of these types at any given point in his/her direct sales career; but above and beyond any of the 6 reasons to be a consultant, believes in the deeper and unseen reasons to remain in the industry, the opportunity to share knowledge, support, and motivation with others, giving them the opportunity to discover in themselves that paycheck of the heart when you know you've changed someone's life for the better.

Whatever your motivation for trying out a direct sales company, believe in it enough to give yourself every opportunity to succeed. If you're going to try something, try it 100%! Belinda

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