Stop, Look and Listen
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Stop, Look, and Listen
For New Consultants to Sponsor!

Take the time to be friendly.  Greet guests as they arrive, get to know them, repeat their name, include them in the demonstration, let them share ideas.


Watch for people who would make a nice reflection on our Company.  Make a mental note of the big smiles and friendly, happy people.  Look your very best!


Listen for clues that indicate a need or desire like:  "That's all my budget will allow for this week." or "My husband was recently laid off from work." or "The kids are really getting to me.  I wish they were all in school."


These are all signs of sponsoring leads.  Pick out at least two from every activity and let your leader know about them right away.

The difference between winning and losing may depend on:

A courteous word........instead of a hurried reply.
A smile........instead of a frown.
Understanding........instead of a closed mind.
Facts........instead of uncertainty.
Patience........instead of restlessness.
Considerations........instead of thoughtlessness.
Giving........instead of getting.
Appreciation........instead of taking others for granted
Enthusiasm........because customers deserve the very best!
A cheerful attitude........will make them enjoy doing business with you and want to do more!

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit!

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