Men Love Candles Too
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From the original candleparty list - October '98

Well I wanted to reply to the question about male consultants, but I'm not male.  I did however, sponsor my brother.   He is sitting here so I have been drilling him about why he decided to do it & what enticed him.  Wait, he's gonna write his own answers. 

Hello my name is Bill Morgan from the awesome unit of GLOBAL WARMING in Arizona.  The reason I started selling was very simple. The MONEY.  I really wanted my fiancÚ to be able to stay at home with our newborn.  I found that I could work 2 nights week for a couple of hours and make more money then a 20-25 hour part time job. Here is my interpretation of what I've experienced .

When I am doing a party it seems there is more curiosity in the product that I am representing.  Typically, the men run to the T.V. room or retreat to their bedrooms when its time to start the show, but when I do a show it seems the men stay for the show.   Who knows, maybe they want to find out exactly what this guy is up to or maybe they just want to see if a guy can really do it.  They tend to love the product if they hear about it and often encourage their wives to buy.

Do you ever have the hesitant customer who thinks their
husband/boyfriend will be mad if they spend money?? It doesn't happen to me often.   Some of my best customers are men.  They love candles too. As far as sponsoring, I haven't yet.  But when men are in attendance, they usually get all of the tickets during the question game. They seem very curious about the job.  I also really enjoy the different atmosphere at my parties verse my sisters shows (She does an excellent show!) In fact, she was the one who I learned to invite the husband/boyfriends to the show from. I have done shows for women who have always had female consultants, and they usually tell me they like my style and have learned more from my shows than others. (Not to put down anyone, but the guest really listen to me!) 

I would encourage all new male consultants to attend several female consultants shows.  It helped me to incorporate some of their qualities with mine.   My sister has learned from me, as I have from her.  I love doing this and encourage everyone to sponsor MEN!

Sorry this is so long but I wanted everyone to know where I was coming from.

(Bill Morgan)

Can you see why I sponsored him!  He is truly an asset to our team.  I encourage all of you to sponsor men too.  This is not just a women's business and the more men we get, the sooner the company will help us as far as making them feel like it's not just for women.  My upline leader (my sponsor) has sponsored her dad and we have about 4-5 male consultants in our downline. Yeah!  They certainly don't feel alone.

Hope this helps everyone!

Erin O'Neal
UL Global Warming

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