Why Become a PL Consultant
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Why Consider a Career as an Independent Consultant?
Why Not!

Be Your Own Boss
Most likely at some point in your life, you have dreamed of having your own business. By becoming an independent consultant, you are President of your own Company!

Choose Your Own Hours
You can work as much as your personal schedule allows, taking a vacation as often as you wish. There are no sales quotas!

No Investment
Using our starter show program, you receive a free kit valued at $300.00. The Brite Start program allows you to receive additional free products during your first three months of business!

No Inventory or Deliveries
The only inventory you have is all the beautiful products you receive at no cost with your starter kit! You are not required to keep any other inventory. Shows are shipped directly to the hostess via UPS.

No Experience
We have an excellent training program. You will receive as much or as little training as you feel you require.

Profits and Bonuses
We have the best compensation plan in the direct selling industry. Profits and Profit Plus are paid on a weekly basis. An additional bonus of 7% is awarded monthly for those who have done exceptionally well.

Income Opportunity
You basically write your own paychecks. The average consultant earns approximately $75.00 to $100.00 per evening. If you work a little, you earn a little. If you work a lot, you earn a lot!

Advancement Opportunity
With most jobs the only way you can advance is when a person retires or dies. We work in a company of choices. If you choose to remain a consultant, that's fine. If you choose to advance into leadership, that's fine too! It's your choice!

High Quality Products
[Manufacturer] produces the finest candles in the world! Our company has a fabulous reputation for quality, and is considered to be one of the top direct selling companies in the nation.

Trips and Prizes
Our company offers monthly contests, in which you may receive product, cash prizes, trips, etc. Also, each year there is a fabulous all expenses paid tropical vacation incentive! Past trips have taken consultants to Portugal, Spain, Acapulco, Jamaica, Hawaii, Bermuda, and Aruba! It's their way of saying "Thank You for a job well done"

No Obligation
If after the first six shows you decide this is not for you, you may keep your starter kit and all the $$ you have earned and just say goodbye!


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This page last updated  July 06, 2005