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December 30, 2001
A new OOPS Story... Call the Firemen!

Basket Shows  
Here are some of the specifics that other consultants are using to carry their show products in baskets rather than totes or suitcases. Pictures are from the CandleBuddies Group on Yahoogroups. I will post additional pictures if anyone would like to send them - these were kind of fuzzy - probably a Yahoo thing.

Folder Display Methods
While most consultants agree that they are happy to give out catalogs to anyone who asks - it's also a real consensus that it's a lot easier to do an organized and well presented show if you have a basic set of "Show Folders" that are permanent. Here are SEVERAL ideas ranging from no additional cost to little additional cost to enough to make you consider how much is too much :)

December 29, 2001
Items under $20 (USA) Bert

December 28, 2001
Creative Converting Show Folders & Sheet Protectors for 2002
20% off a full set of folders and sheet protectors. You will get 20 folders and 32 packs of custom sheet protectors for $99.00 (includes shipping). You save $22.20.

December 27, 2001
Tax Spreadsheets created by Lanel (USA) & Christine (Canada).
There is also a new forum on the message board (in the category "Consultant Help") that Lanel has graciously offered to assist with on USA tax issues. THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONSULTING YOUR OWN TAX PREPARER. It is simply an opportunity for questions & answers, and should NOT be relied on for definitive solutions that are best given by a professional tax accountant. Lanel will offer her best qualified advice and the most informed answers that she can, but in the end YOU have the sole responsibility of verifying your own information.

Christmas JoyDecember 22, 2001
Christmas With the Cortez Family
Pictures and an overview of the delivery of gifts and financial assistance to our adopted family. Thanks to Traci Hall and Sandi Hodges for putting this all together and giving this family a Christmas to remember!

Poor Frosties...December 20, 2001
Frosty Solitude
- a new addition to the OOPS pages! 
I think my Cranberry Flambe has been topped...

(Pics provided by her fearless leader LOL)

December 19, 2001
1st Annual Adopted Family
Two awesome consultants on the BoB message board started this off on their own and I have decided we will make it an annual event from now on.

Do you feel you had a good year financially? Did your PL business pay off some of your bills this year? Are you grateful to not be in the same position as so many families who are struggling? Do what you can. If not for this particular family, then find one in your neighborhood. I assure you someone close to you needs your help. Imagine the stress and strain of knowing you have every utility bill in the pile - not only can you not pay them all - you can't even make a choice which one is more important than the other. Now imagine that someone just PAID one of those bills off. Someone you never met. One less collector on the phone. One tiny bit of stress relieved. Maybe you can't cover a whole bill. Maybe you can designate $10 for the electric bill or the rent. What can you do without to afford to give $10, $5, $20?? Get your children involved - tell them what you are doing. Put a value on it they can understand - what's your toddler's favorite TV show? Put it in their terms - you are paying a bill for a family so that the children in that family get to watch a week's worth of Scooby Doo. Those things are real and measurable. Keeping the lights on? You and I know that's what's really happening - but children don't necessarily understand that.

If you are not able to donate because you are close to the same situation yourself - don't worry. You must meet your family's needs first. But if you can, help another. Thanks in advance to all who are participating in any manner at all. Read all the details and how to get involved in the next TWO DAYS here

December 17, 2001 ps110 from Express YourselfSuggestion:
Due to the availability issues with several products in the new 2002 catalog, you might want to order some "Sorry Not Available" stickers from Express Yourself to help you get ready for your January shows. These are small round stickers that are made with a special adhesive that makes them removable when the temporarily unavailable products become available to order again.ps120 from Express Yourself

There are also several "corner stickers" that are great to put on the front of your catalogs. Express Yourself has "Ask About our Gift Certificates"

And here are a few choices from Directly From the Heart:
L-157 - from Directly From the Heart L-53 from Directly From The Heart L-109 from Directly From The HeartDesign Your Own Stickers at Roteck

Of course you can design your own sticker in your choice of several sizes, shapes, and colors at Roteck

And purchase great business-building postcards, photo bags, and other great sales aids at Paron Candles, Get Organized Company, and The Booster!

Of course don't forget to stock up on lighters, buttons, relax w/wax packs, cello bags, and show folders at A&R Marketing, Consultant Corner, Jim Britton Displays and Creative Converting!

Check out the amazing assortment of greeting cards from Sensational Visual Services, and prepare some eye-catching and unique newsletters with graphics from Nippert & Co.

Last but not least, add some pizzaz to your table with a lantern hook from Custom Services, a tablecover from GotYaCovered, beautiful pre-made votive roses from Karie's Kandle Roses, sand stackers from Janie's SandStackers, scent stackers from Ellie Jo, and pack it all snugly and securely in your carry tote or suitcase with a starter kit set of beautiful custom packing aids from Shirley, the Bag Lady!

Don't forget our newest links in services - MaraStar Communications to motivate your team, and Marked Improvement to assist you with show orders and hostess packet pre-mades.

Wow we have some awesome Business Links don't we! With support products and services like these - you are in for the year of your career when you add them to the incredible 2002 product line! Visit our Business Links, and make your wish list to pass on to that special someone who needs ideas LOL. These are products you'll use year round - so it won't matter if they don't quite make it under the tree. Be sure to let the businesses know how much you appreciate their support for BoB and Tealited - and pass them on to your offline consultant buddies as well!

Click Here for 2002 Product Showcase!

December 16, 2001
UPDATED! Regional Showcase...2002 Product Pics...
If you took pictures at your regional email them to Belinda or to Jackie for the Showcase - and Jackie will also use them for the 2002 Updated PAD.

December 13, 2001
New Business Link!
Marked Improvement Support Services, Inc.

Marked Improvement Support Services, Inc. offers products and services for the busy consultant: Pre-assembled Hostess Kits, Guest Invitation Mailing/Addressing Services, Extranet Show Submission Services, Gift Certificates and more to come! 
24-48 hour turn around on your invitation mailings and extranet show submission.
It's about time -- YOUR time!

Hostess Kits - four designs to choose from!Introductory specials:
5 pre-assembled Hostess Kits (example pictured) for $4.99 (limit of 10 at special offer price).
2 extranet Shows submitted for the price of 1 $10.99
Five (5) ten dollar value Gift Certificates for $45.00
Receive a $5.00 mail-in rebate form to use on a future order with every order placed in December.

612-270-3037 (phone)
208-247-8319 (eFax)

December 12, 2001
Pics of the 2002 line
...the begging really got to me...so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek...it's gonna be a great year!!!

No It's not QVC...That 70's show? No I think not...hmmm Hawaii here we come...Now how did that get in there?Wow

December 6, 2001
Express Yourself OnlineEnjoy a holiday gift from Express Yourself!

For every $25 purchased on an order that is received during the month of December, you will receive one FREE package of Premium Stickers!

Directly From The Heart December Special! 10% off all orders!

(Before shipping charges are added) Your discount is automatically deducted at checkout. (10% December Special excludes custom labels on design.superfastprinting.com)

December 4, 2001
Finally finished decorating the mantle...
Christmas Mantle

December 3, 2001
Open House Ideas
BoB Message Board

Opportunity Letter As we approach the new year, new product line, and a major desire to earn an incentive trip, it's probably a really good time to go over your list of contacts - especially those who you may have spoken to recently about potentially sponsoring. January is a fantastic time for anyone to try out direct sales and possibly earn a fabulous vacation trip in the process! Here's a great Opportunity Letter from the archives of BoB. Read it, tweak it for yourself, and send it off to those who you need to touch base with for the new year!

Angel of Light Poem BoB Message Board, H20Fun

Angel of LightAn angel for the children...
The angel shields the flame of democracy.
Where there is light and hope.

White is the color of courage.
Her eyes are closed to see no fear.

The two small angels at her feet,
represent the twin towers.
The angels hold to her robe,
for she will light their way and protect
them from the darkness that is terrorism.

There is one small foot showing,
to proceed with caution.

God Bless America!!
To those we loved and lost.
You've helped light the way.

December 2, 2001
AOL Message BoardThe AOL Message Board
is no longer restricted to ONLY AOL members. It is accessible from the web to everyone - although the functionality and ease of navigation isn't quite as good as when you access it directly through AOL. Anyway - you might be interested in taking a look if you've always wanted to. A good netiquette tip:

Whenever you join a new email group, or browse through a message board that you aren't accustomed to - it's a really good idea to BROWSE and LURK quietly for a while - so that you can get "the feel" of the neighborhood before you post something that comes off in the wrong way to the regular community members. It's all too easy to "spout off" about something that seems out of the ordinary to what you are accustomed to - especially if that particular subject may have already been hashed and rehashed to death but you, as a new visitor, didn't take the time to browse backward in the threads to find that out.

ParonCandlesParon Candles December Specials!

Kids "My Mom Sells Candles" T-shirts reg $9.00 on sale for 8.00
Kids "My Grandma Sells Candles" T-shirts reg $9.00 on sale for $8.00
Travel Mugs - great for team members! reg $4.00 sale $3.00
All orders over $50.00 get free shipping until December 15th.

Karie's Kandle RosesKarie's Kandle Roses and Tealight Treasures Special:

FREE Shipping on all orders totaling $50.00 or more between now and December 20th, 2001.  Visit Karie's Kandle Roses for all the details!

December 1, 2001
Consultant CornerMake It Happen Keychain Consultant Corner introduces 2 new products:

Make It Happen Button2 1/4" Round Buttons and Keychains at a low introductory price for December!  12 designs to choose from! Additional December Specials - Free Party Pro Software with every $50 purchase, plus a Special Christmas Surprise for December Customers! More Details


I so rarely get a chance to browse the AOL message board - and as I did this afternoon, of course one of the first great posts I came across was from an awesome leader I met back when I first started this business! Thanks as always, Janene, for providing great training tips, and Diane, for your great theme idea! -Belinda

Holiday Rush Party Idea Diane "Candleteer" AOL Board
Set up your display table with a holiday drape and any decor you'd like (you may want the booking gifts or hostess specials to serve as a table centerpiece or leave the table just drapped and empty of product..... and have 8-10 (depending on number of guests that are expected...but make sure you have a nametag with a number on the tag to match a number code you have in your possesion so you know what box contains what if you feel you need that reference and cannot recall by size) pre-wrapped product boxes (I mean wrap the box so it's able to be opened without tearing the paper...you actually wrap the box!)

As guests arrive they are each allowed to select one of the wrapped gifts. You start your show and share your company information, hostess specials, etc. As you go through the talk as you speak of brass, glass, frosted glass, porcelain, snuffers, scents, etc., call on the owner of the box containing an example of that product you're speaking of to open her package. Have her "give it up" to be take it's place on the table.

Most guests will find this very hard to do. Comments are usually, "Oh, do I have to....this would look great in my home..." (this is an excellent way to build 'desire' for bookings! Having the product in her hands makes the person naturally not want to give it up. Plus remember up until this time the guests may have been hoping these gifts were there's to keep. But, none the less, the reluctancy to place the product from their hands to your display should build desire!

Continue your talk in the same manner, until all, or all but one gift is unwrapped. That final gift may be used in a passing game if you'd like and awarded to the winner to keep! (Select the final gift appropriately)

Anyway, it's a fun way to:

actively involve the guests
keep with the holiday spirit (be sure to use Hannukah and varied gift wrap!)
plant the element of 'desire' for a product, and
shortens set up on your part as the guest assist you in setting up ...your candle display is transformed before their very eyes...it's quite magical!

Use or adapt in any way you'd like.....Happy Holidays to all!

(Cut this out and tape it to a big index card. READ IT as you are doing your interview close. It will give you confidence that you don't forget anything and lets the guest see that if you can read, you can do candle shows!!) After finding her/his needs out and completing the facts then......

  1. If you did this, what would you enjoy the most?
  2. What assets or qualities do you have that you feel would make you good at this?
  3. If it takes 2 hrs. to hold a candle show, how many would you like to do a week/could you do in a week? (use a Wkly plan sheet or paper to show her the $...Ex: 3 shows per week x $320 (avg sales per scc = $960 retail sales/week...When you are on a profit basis, that is $240 profit a week for 6-8 hrs. of work a week.) (When you submit $1800 in a month your profit would be $307.20/week continuing 3 shows/week)
    ASK: Is that enough? What would you do with this extra $?
  4. If I could show you how to do this, could you learn?
  5. If I could show you how to earn your starter kit for free and earn $600 in 2 weeks, would you be interested?
  6. When would you like to set up your starter show?

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