Frosty Solitude Ooops
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I am posting anonymously because I am so embarrassed!
(webmaster note...but her leader was *kind* enough to forward the pics to me LOL)

I bought a Solitude 3-wick for my mom's birthday, which was Monday. We lit it that morning and didn't turn it out until later that night (oops). We lit it again yesterday and let it burn all day (oops, we did it again). Well, this morning I woke up to find wax EVERYWHERE! Seems neither of us bothered to snuff it out and during the night, the wax spilled over...and over...and over until there was only about an inch left of the 3-wick!

It caved completely, which I would've have expected it too, but I guess the flame just kept going and going.

I started to clean it up, the wax from the sides of the entertainment center, screen of the TV, found some in the back of the entertainment center (hubby's gonna have to move it to clean it!), waxfalls (like a waterfall) to the floor.

It was burning in the Frolicking Frosty, did you know there are little nooks and crannys that wax likes to creep into? When I got to the bigger chunks, I found a few pens, a highlighter, a tube of lipstick, a $10 bill, an old watch, a gift certificate card for Toys R Us, some junk mail....and a partridge in a pear tree!

UGH!!! What a mess! I took pictures and forwarded them to my leader, who is probably still laughing 6 hours later. I guess I'll print them and show guests what happens when you leave a candle unattended! Sorry, mom!

Is there something that has happened to you at a party that you'd like to forget?
Have you had a major OOPS on your own that you would like to share?
Send it to!

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