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Here is an idea for anyone that hasn't already thought about it.

I have started "advertising" the votive sampler at my parties now.  I let them know in June and only June they will have an opportunity to purchase the sampler.   I tell them that if they're interested, to put sampler at the top of their dps.   Then a week prior to June 1st, I will call all of them and let them know that it is available and that I will be sending an order in 6/1 as long as I receive their check or money order prior to 6/1.  If each person orders that wrote down sampler, at this time I should have around a $400 order for all samplers.  Hope this helps you all like it has me!  Fran Nichols

I'm doing something similar  to the votive lottery with the June Sampler. I am offering all my preferred customers and hostesses the chance to buy/sell 4 samplers, get one free! They simply take orders for the samplers, I turn them in in groups so that they are at least a $200 show in order to qualify for the 25% hostess credit, which then pays for the one free to the person who took the orders. Of course you need a booking for each set of 8 that you turn in as a show to qualify for the 25% - use one from your 2+2 calls if you are unable to get them to book, but ask everyone who participates to book! I am using the following questions on an outside order form that I use for book shows:

1. I would like to book a show! (yes/no)
2. I would like to attend a friend's show! (yes/no)
3. Please call me when there's a sale! (yes/no)
4. I would like more information on trying out
[company] with NO INVESTMENT! (yes/no)
5. When is the best time to talk?

My outside order form for book shows consists of the guest order form shrunk down 50% so it's a half page instead of a full page. (2 fit on a regular size copy page this way). At the bottom there is enough space for these questions. I print them front & back, cut them down, and staple 5 together (so there are 10 order forms) This slips in the middle of the catalog in their hostess packet - and is much easier to pass around desks at work for example. All self-contained, less chance of getting separated. Of course, I then re-write the orders on full size guest forms to send in the order - but that gives me a chance to double check all the figures and order numbers. Belinda

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This page last updated  August 09, 2003