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arianacard.gif (12901 bytes)Just a note: When I started doing shows again recently after a period of several months had gone by, I was obviously a little rusty in my presentation. I am presently using the Ariana design business cards, and I started the show by passing one card out to each guest, and then starting out by explaining that this piece is one of the most popular pieces in the current catalog. Text on back of Ariana CardI went through the Stages of Ariana below as the guests passed the piece around the room, and after going through the whole story, asked them to flip the business card over to see how to earn this piece for no cost by having their own show. This Story of Ariana is a wonderful sales aid, and is a great way to start off a show. Belinda

The Story of Ariana
Marcianna Silva, California Dreamin' Region

Act One: It's a brand new baby girl!
Ariana makes a great shower gift. In gold ink write the baby's name and DOB on the bottom and who you are! Give mom a dozen vanilla tealights and a softclick lighter. The vanilla will help with the smells of a nursery and candlelight is the perfect light for those late night feedings and changings. No harsh lights to wake up baby, or mom.

Act Two: I've lost my first tooth!
Ariana is the perfect version of the tooth fairy. Her hand is perfect for watching over a child's treasured tooth and the tealight holder is perfect for the little gift the tooth fairy loves to leave in exchange. No more digging under pillows in the dark hoping not to wake a sleeping child.

Act Three: Look Mom, he gave me a ring for my 13th Birthday!
Ariana would love to watch over her prized possession. The tealight holder is great for keeping rings, earrings, and other jewelry in a safe place.

Act Four: Can I have my own candles now? 
She's old enough to burn her own candles in her room. But Ariana is still part of her life. Give her a box of tealights in her favorite scent to let her know that you now noticed she is all grown up.

Act Five: Look Mom! She looks just like you!
She has her own daughter now. So there is a new name and DOB to add to the bottom of Ariana.

Ariana can be one of those heirlooms that everyone cherishes. Fairies are curious creatures and also are the guardians of the forest. Let Ariana be your child's guardian and let her look over your favorite little girl for a lifetime and beyond.

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