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(July 1998)

1) The Quartet ($49.95), with the Savoy in the center ($38.95) with a Spiced Vanilla 3-Wick on that ($36.95) and matching 10" ivory tapers ($9.50 for 6) in the quartet. Sometimes I even use the 6" Gilded Magnolia Ring ($22.95)around the 3-Wick. This grouping comes out to $158.30. Use as a booking tool. Take it apart and show the pieces and put back together.

2) The Quartet ($49.95) with 4 Tulip Peglites ($4.95 each), the Iced Crystal Trio ($29.95) inside the 12" Hurricane Shade ($12.95) with votives ($10.90 per doz.), on top of the Savoy ($38.95) nestled in the quartet. This Grouping comes out  to $162.50. You can add 2 pairs of flower ring at approx. $10 per pair or add a 6" flower ring at approx. $23 and match candles to floral colors.

3) Mosaic Grouping - Deluxe Trio Brass Candlesticks ($82.95/set) with 3 Mosaic Peglites ($18.95 ea.), Mosaic Tealight Holder ($29.95) on top of 4" Falmouth ($36.95), Raspberry votives ($10.90 per doz.) and Rasp. Tealights ($6.50 per doz.).  So far this grouping comes out to $224.10. Add the Rasp. 3-Wick ($36.95) in the 3-wick brass spiral holder ($59.95).Total value = $321.00. Point out how they can get this whole grouping for $425 show w/4 bookings (Trio/3wick spiral=1/2 off
hostess items)!

4) Frosted Grouping - a) Royal Tulip ($24.95) with 2x6 Vanilla Pillar inside ($7.25), or b) Iced Crystal Trio ($29.95) and Votives ($10.90/doz.) inside Hurricane ($12.95) and 6" Hydrangea Ring around base ($22.95) on top of the Savoy ($38.95), Frosted Duet on each side ($26.95 pr.) with 1" Hydrangea Pair ($10.95/pr.) holding 10" Tapers ($9.50/6). Add lamp:Clairmont w/Tealights ($29.95 = $6.50) or Venetian Lamp w/Tealights ($49.95 = $6.50) Option A = $141.50. (W/Clairmont = $177.95, W/Venetian Lamp = $197.95.) Option B = $163.10. (W/Clairmont = $199.55 ,W/Venetian Lamp = $219.55.)

5) To this I usually add a lamp -The Coronation Lamp (4 Booking Gift) if I have a silver display, the Library Lamp ($49.95) if I have brass, The Mosaic Lamp ($75.95) if I have the Mosaic set, the Clairmont ($29.95) or Venetian Tealight Lamp ($49.95) if I have a frosted display.

6) Then miscellaneous pieces - Optic Odyssey ($29.95) guest favorite can also use in a Quartet grouping: after you remove the set off the Savoy put this in center with a floral ring around it. Have it lit with a matching color votive.

7)The Garden Lantern ($75.95) with a Ball ($15.95/pr.) or 3x5 Pillar candle ($8.50) with a large price tag that says "You can get this for only .95! Ask me how!" With $75 credit from four bookings she can have it for only .95 cents.

I don't usually take ALL these groupings. I ask the hostess what pieces she likes and bring groupings that most fit. I find these work well because there's lots of things you can do to MIX-and-MATCH. Clients like the idea of buying a few pieces at each show to put together. I try to keep kit pieces in the displays to show possible prospects what you get to start with. I also let
them know I got everything FREE with my Brite Start and hostess/booking credits from my starter show (helps them realize benefits of having lots of start-up shows!)


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