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Just returned home from a 200 mile drive to a show! Yes, 200 miles! Was it worth the drive??? YES! $1300 in sales, 2 new bookings, 2 new consultants!  Just had to share...I'm on cloud 9!

from NANCY
SUL Fabulous Region

Here's how she did

Thanks everyone for the terrific I did not know the hostess prior to the show. I did a show for her sister in Lemoore, CA. The sister called the night of the show and booked. I went to San Jose in the blind! A little worried perhaps, but knew it was a chance I wanted to take.

Since it is nearing Valentine's Day, I made up some tin cans (heart shaped, bright red, lots of curly ribbon) and made votive samplers up..used them as cash & carry. Also, took along a few relax with wax glasses; tealight samplers in Valentine's design tin cans, wrapped with lots of curly ribbon. I changed the Mr. Left & Right around to suite V Day, and used balloons. Every other guest received a balloon to blow up...they then passed them as I read the Mrs. Left & Mr. Right! At the end of the story..the first guest to successfully sit and break her balloon won the prize! Balloons were pink and red, prize was wrapped in pretty heart design paper (clicker lighter, cost me $1). They all laughed, shopped, laughed, shopped. We had a blast. Also I bought a little monkey who whistled every time something passed in front of him. The little guy kept doing the wolf whistle
and they all loved him too. So...I told all the gals that the person with the largest order over $100 could take him home! Then the ordering began!!! six people spent over $100 and were dying to see if they won the monkey!

I really don't know how this one turned into such a high $ show, it just seemed like everyone was totally interested. There were 20 guests, all PL Newbies, never been to a show before!!! And they all laughed, and we played Mrs. Left & Mr. Right (Valentine's version) with the balloons. I had bottles of Sparkling Cider decorated with lots of red curly ribbon around the necks of the bottles. Those were for the people who booked a show! Then did some of my heart tin cash & carry sampler packs, a few packaged  tealight samplers wrapped in cans with beautiful curly ribbon...the entire table was done in a Valentine's theme, all pinks, reds, silver...They loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a terrific business...more fun than anything else I've ever done!

That's about it. If I can help any of you with any ideas that I use, just send me a line!
Thanks to all for the tremendous response!

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