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24% lead crystal diamond, rests in a brass plated holder.
Light the fire in her heart all over again, after all, diamond's are a girl's best friend...$29.95

Bee Hive Jar
Bee hive shaped jar filled with honey scented wax, a pewter honey bee sits on the lid of the jar.
What a  cute way to ask her to "Bee Mine" for the first time all over again.............$24.95

The Classic Gift
An 8 pound, 3 wicked candle, made to burn at least 6-8 hours at each lighting.
Choose a scent from a list of many. Sure to please the one you love!........................$36.95

The Galaxy
This ceramic pyramid shaped holder will bring heavenly dreams.
An enchanted starry night
appears when you burn a metal tealight in the scent of your choice in the base.........$29.95

Votive Pairs (Chantilly, Rockport, Illusions)
Now for the "romantically challenged"..........and you know who you are because your significant other reminds you on a daily basis.......I have a few suggestions that might help get you out of the dog house and back in the bedroom....There is an old wives tale (no, I didn't make this up) that states that there should be a candle holder placed on each side of the bed. If he is "in the mood" he lights his, if she is "in the mood" she lights hers. However we all know that he would need his own spare bunch of candles!

At this point suggest the chantilly pair, the scroll sconce, to be hung at the head of the bed, or for people who need a lot of help in this area... the splash holders and a pair of candle balls......leave it at that!

Designer Fragrances
Ladies......if you like the smell of a  man, but don't want to bother with the real thing, well, we have candles in famous mens fragrances such as Tommy*, Hugo*, and Drakkar*, we also have women's fragrances such as Tresor*,Beautiful*, and CK-one*

 ( *these product do not contain actual fragrance and are not licensed or endorsed by the manufacturers of these products) and so I don't offend anyone........I have said this to a bunch of guys in business suits about the womens fragrances. Needless to say....kaching, kaching, kaching, kaching, sorry girls!

Gift Certificates
I say this at every show where you see someone who looks confused. You know the ones....chewing the inside of their lip, flicking the pen, sucking their face back and forth........Did you know we offer gift certificates? They come in any denomination, come accompanied by a catalog, and the person who receives it can pick their own gift that would be delivered directly to them via UPS.

Gift certificates are a especially good to pitch to people who are gift givers, realtors, people who do nice stuff for the mail man, the garbage haulers, or people who use stuff for raffles, teacher gifts, church raffle donations, teacher appreciation gifts. Use your imagination! Even though it is printed in the catalog, there isn't a picture of one so people don't see to realize. And finally, there are a bunch of people asking about fundraisers and keeping it simple. Sell gift certs in set denominations, Say $20, $30, and $50. How easy would that be? Then people could sell them to people from out of state and not worry about shipping...a couple of stamps, have a nice day, the purchaser could have whatever they want shipped direct. They have advantages!


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