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Here is one of my many "horror" stories!
Believe it or not...I had been in this business for at least a year and
still managed to make this silly mistake!

I was doing a show which had several of my previous hostesses as guests. I
decided to take an especially large number of pieces so that they could see
something new. In doing so I had several different 3 wick holders and 3
wicks. I had products scattered all over her living room as well as on a
very long table of my own when I realized that I had a Cordova holder and a
Vanilla 3 wick left with no where to sit it! Being the genius that I am I
decided that it would be beautifully displayed on the top of her buckstove.
The show had about 30 guests therefore it took a good bit longer than usual.
Several of the guests as well as the hostess commented on how wonderful the
smell was that evening. I also had to admit that it was a bit stronger than
usual but I had no idea why! It didn't matter to me because that just meant
that they would buy more!!! Well, when getting ready to leave I took one
last look at the room to see if I had forgotten anything when I realized
that the Cordova and 3 wick were still on the buckstove. As I crossed the
room to get it I realized why the room smelled go great! The closer I got
the more I realized that the entire bottom half of the Vanilla 3 wick had
melted! There was wax everywhere! It had dripped all down the front and
sides of the buckstove as well as all over the hearth! Thank god it didn't
get on the carpet! The hostess was so sweet about it! I just knew that she
would throw me out and tell people what an idiot I was, but she didn't! She
laughed about it and just bragged and bragged about how wonderfully fragrant
our candles were! She also said that the wax came up very easily and that
impressed her. I wouldn't recommend using this method to sell the
candles..but it worked this time!

One things for certain...The next time that I used someone's buckstove I
made sure that it wasn't ON!

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