Tuscany 4-Booking Gift
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From Steve Tucky's "Piece A Day" Compilations which originated on Ravenquest (P.A.D. pages - but no longer available on Ravenquest) and has since gone to Tealited Tidbits with full category listings. The Tuscany is Steve's all-time favorite and most versatile piece, and he is now sharing photographs of some of his favorite groupings. For more grouping ideas for many other items in the 2000 catalogs, check the Illustrated P.A.D. on Tealited Tidbits which is Steve's new corner of the web! 

Tusc-Qt-Gold Tap.jpg (15575 bytes) Tusc-mospegs-winch-pillar-tap.jpg (15612 bytes) Tusc-QT-5gold.jpg (14838 bytes) 

Place the Tuscany inside the quartet. Just beautiful like that.

Put a pillar in the Tuscany. Decorate base with seasonal items

The calypso peg looks good inside! Also works to use the shade on other things while, putting a pillar on the base with a ring around it 

It also looks nice w/o globe with a floral ring and Ariana on top. (Saw that at a Regional!) Also w/o globe, and a ring and a pillar, with the contessa bowl on top (with or w/o ring)

Tusc-mospegs-ring-tiff.jpg (14452 bytes) Tusc-mospegs-pillar.jpg (12610 bytes) Tusc-5mospegs.jpg (14618 bytes)

Do you have more creative ways to use the Tuscany? Email them to Belinda to add to the page!


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