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Tabletop Seville Ideas compiled by Marti from AOL posts
Put the Secret Garden Ring underneath.
Put Rose colored glass beads inside and put the ICT nestled in the beads with Rose, Lavendar and Pear Votives. It was Awesome!!!

Amy Osborn

One of my hostesses uses hers for everything. A fruit bowl, fresh flowers, ice bucket, salad bowl you name it!

Lisa Witthans DL

I put reg. colored sand in it with small sea shell then rest a votive holder in the middle of the sand -- it is beautiful! I have also done the same with the sand and shells but added water and floated light colored tealights or the kiwi/lemon floaters. I like it with a Sp. Van. 3 wick and the 6" magnolia ring resting under the table top. I have used it with marbles of different colors to match whatever season or color I am concentrating on in a display area -- then rested a votive holder or peglite in the middle with a complementary colored candle. You could also use floaters with the marbles and then toss in a few flowers (with the stems pinched off) to float with the candles. This is really pretty for showers or weddings. Of course it is a bowl and anything you would use a bowl for ...... food, ice, as an ice bucket for sparkling cider or wine. I absolutely love the table top. It is smaller so easier to carry to shows than the reg. seville and so versatile. Use your imagination and have fun.

Cindy Cooper, Galaxy of Stars Region

I thought of putting the church inside the Tabletop Seville on white rocks for the snow effect.....or spray some snow on the bottom......I'm not sure though if the church will fit inside....I haven't tried this yet.........and then use the ice crystal trio on three sides of the tabletop seville so that you get more light reflecting off the church. Maybe use a green or white rumpled up table cloth under all of this! Maybe in the back of the table top put either the Mandolin Angel or the Lyrical Angel up on the 2" or 4" Falmouth. Which ever looks best for the height! Angel looking down over the church. I have no idea how this all looks, as I've not done this yet, and I'm not one of the more creative gals on this board....but maybe this will help u out a bit. Have a GREAT SHOW and let us know how your show turns out and what u end up doing with the Tabletop Seville!
Jacki Mead - TL, Hearts' A Blazin', Fame Region

Iridescent gemstones in the bottom and floaters. Crunched up clear cellophane with the large snowball on it (looks like ice under the snowball) cello with trio nestled on it . Fresh cranberries with the trio tucked in with cranberry votives. The cranberries also look great down in the hurricane with the trio inside (not necessarily at shows since it's not quite portable, but on your own table at home)

Linda Toney, CameLites (New Attitude Region)

I recently did this with the regular Seville, but I'm sure it will work with the tabletop too - the mosaic bowl sets nicely on top of it, then I put the Falmouth in the middle, the shade to the Mulberry lamp on the Falmouth, one of the Rockport pair inside the shade, and the Magnolia Ring around it all inside the Mosaic bowl. It was stunning - make sue you have a nice new votive burning in the Rockport with plenty of wick in order for the
pattern of the Rockport to reflect through the dark red Mulberry shade.
Belinda Johnson, Happy Days

I used my tabletop seville on a reception table with shiny, mylar strips in it (giving it an ice look) and rested a nice bottle of wine inside. Then put elegant candlesticks on either side.
Donna Schleehauf, Sr. Unit Leader

We all in our region love it filled with round xmas ornaments you can use multi colors or all gold, silver you decide the look and add the peglight quilted crystal peg calypso or any other depending on the bulbs used. or spray with hair spray and add colored glitter again your options are limitless and stagger the pillars inside or use a mirror with the carolers inside the glittered bowl or angel of light or any pcs. you have that fit
Gwen Hilton, UL The Sky$ The Limit

Here's my idea. I hope you have these items. Place a nice lace table cloth or something lace in a bunch on the table. use the damask rose wreath, and put the table top seville in the wreath. In the TTS use either mulberry marbles or dark green marbles and place the 6" snowball inside on the marbles. I hope you like this idea.
Shirley Weaver

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