Quilted Crystal Pair
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30 ways to use the QCP

Thanks to everyone on the BOB message board who helped compile this list. Hope everyone gets a lot of use from this! Nikki Redmond Ė Burning Love Region

1. Use peg lights to hold votive
2. Use peg lights to hold tealights
3. As a taper holder
4. Invert the bottom and put a tealight in it
5. Use the base to hold a pillar
6. Use the base to hold a ball candle
7. Add flower ring to the taper
8. Add flowers to the pillar
9. Add flowers to the Ball
10. Add flowers to the votive
11. Add flowers to the tealight
12. Use the peg lights in candlesticks
13. Use other peg lights in the base (like the purple tulips, tulip, etc)
14. Use peg lights in sconces or candelabra
15. Use with Waterlily and candlestick to make a lamp
16. Use the set with flower rings as a bridesmaid arrangement to walk down isle with
17. Bases on top of each other with one top under the hurricane with a floral piece around, peg light in top base with tealight, or votive, OR taper in top base.
18. Peg light in the Calypso with beads in bottom.
19. Peg light in the Savannah.
20. Peg light in the Royal Tulip with beads in the bottom of the piece to hold peg light
21. Peg light in Seville with beads, sand, or whatever you wish to hold it up in place.
22. Peg light in the Fontana
23. Peg light in the Chamber Lamp
24. Peg light in the Blue Brilliance with sand
25. Peg light in the Seacrest candlestick pr w/ Seacreast shade and Seacrest holding the shade up (Hmm I wonder how that will look! Canít wait to get mine and test it!)
26. Use peg light the Brass Saucerlite
27. Use one of the pair inside the Garden Lantern to burn a votive
28. Peg light in the Soliloquy
29. Peg lights in the large Aurora atop the small Aurora
30. Peg light in the Versailles with the 3" Champagne Rose ring

Do you have more creative ways to use the Quilted Crystal Pair? Email them to Belinda to add to the page!

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This page last updated  August 09, 2003