Call the Firemen!
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Well, it all starts with my bladder!! Yes, I said bladder!!

I always make it to the hostess house in a timely manner and set up and have a few moments to spare with the hostess & run to the restroom before the guests arrive. Well, except for this time, this is my REGULAR HOSTESS (2 or 3 shows a year, I LOVE HER!!!) so she has EVERYTHING!!!!!! So I only brought a few new products set it up, she know the hostess program probably better than me so we chatted about the kids and in come the "regular" group of girls, of course my display is beautiful, and not only are all the candles lit on my display but every candles she owns (practically in every room) are lit as well.

So I quickly ran to the restroom did what I need to do and went to opened the door, needless to say the door did NOT OPEN!!!!!! OOOPPPPSSSS!!!!

Of course, this restroom had NO WINDOWS in it so I could not crawl out the window, we tried pulling the hinges off, too many years of paint on them, tried to take the door knob off, the door knob came off, but the lock was still in the wall and I was STILL in the restroom!!!!!

So our last option was to call the fire department. Major embarrassing!!!!!

Well, the girls while laughing placed there orders while waiting for the firemen, minutes later sirens blazing. 1 fire truck, 1 rescue squad truck, 5 firemen and 2 rescue workers are telling me "We'll get you out in NO TIME MISS" while smartly remarking "Right after we put these candles out!!"

The firemen had to cut a hole in the door and break out the bolt just to get me outta there, placed there orders (at a discount for saving my life, of course) and laughed at me while I delivered there candles, asking if I had any new candles to extinguish!!!

My hostess will NEVER let me live this one down as a matter of fact her next candle party theme is "Come see my NEW BATHROOM DOOR"

Is there something that has happened to you at a party that you'd like to forget?
Have you had a major OOPS on your own that you would like to share?
Send it to!

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