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Updated 6/20/01
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We learn at a last regional about grouping a $100 in product to display on our table... thought I would share it with you... 

You might want to make a small card that says "I am $100 earn me FREE in your home!"

We grouped together:

ICT, pillar candle that is standard kit issued with the hurricane and the 6" flower ring with the Quilted Crystal Pair..
Use this one as the best or the biggest or most adaptable for any household no matter what the decorating scheme.

[other suggested groupings included discontinued pieces]

Some of the guest at my last show have seen my show before and really like the idea..they can picture in their house where to use the product.. 

Brenda Murdock

A really stunning $100 grouping is one you might not have thought about...

Gemini with one of the frosted cups that comes with it, and one of the replacement BLUE votive cups (from the Evening Star)P0473G - $9.50 - stagger the Gemini on the 2" and 4" Falmouth. 

$17.95 Gemini
$9.50 Votive Cup
$33.95 2" Falmouth
$36.95 4" Falmouth

The brilliant blue of the votive cup and the bright shine of the brass makes it particularly appropriate for any party/gathering/organization/awards dinner/etc that is themed "Blue & Gold" or any school/organization/etc with school colors of blue & gold or blue & white. 

Belinda Johnson, TL

My personal favorite is:

The quartet, iced crystal trio in the center along with your favorite ring
and coordinating votives and tapers.  I never take the quartet off my table but change it from season to season with different colors, rings,
accessories, etc.

6" ring:$22-24.95

Total: $120-130 depending on the tapers and the ring you use...Great
booking tool also!

Samantha O'Brien-SUL
Saw this one at our Leader Retreat this weekend:

$12.95     12" Hurricane shade W/
$36.95     Jack on the 
$45.95     6" Falmouth
$26.95     autumn ring around it (est. price)

Too cute!!


Waterfall - more than $100 but a STUNNING Grouping!

$18.95 Cottage Light inside of
$69.95 Aurora on top of
$33.95 Aurora Pillar Holder (large side down)

Fill the inside of the Aurora around the Cottage Light with blue marbles and burn an Ocean Mist tealight in the Cottage Light.

$49.95     the Quartet
$33.95     the Falmouth (2")
$29.95     Ariana
$26.95     Champagne Rose Ring 6"
$  9.75     10" Ivory Handpits

Place the Falmouth in the middle of the Quartet, with the ring around the bottom of the Falmouth, place Ariana on the Falmouth. With the candles in place makes a great center piece. The total price is $155.50. A little expensive but very attractive. I've had several people book so that they can get these pieces.

Grandmaster Reyu (username on message board)
The Table Top Seville makes a great summertime grouping...The Bubble Floaters or the Fish or the Sea Drifters putting marbles in the Bottom. One I really love is the Frog from the patio pals on the side looking like he is going to jump in with the Bubble Floaters and the ivy wrapped around the base.

Another great summer one, a little balance trick to get it right but very cute. The Quartet with Green 10" handipts....Falmouth in middle with one of the Fairies from the Enchantment Duo and on top of that the Hummingbird Spike Holder (spike removed of course LOL) and then ivy wrapped through it. Great when both were on hostess special.

The Hearthside with the Fruit Splash and a Vanilla Ball on top and the ivy laced through it. (that's about $100)

Can you tell I am thinking spring summer?? lol I will think some more.
Take Spring Song and put the 4" Falmouth in the middle with a 6" ring around it. Then set Ariana on top of the Falmouth. The duo looks great with this set up as well. Put the male on one side and the female on the other.

$29.95     Spring Song
$36.95     Falmouth
$26.95     6" Ring
$29.95     Ariana

I also do the Ariana / Quartet grouping but instead of the handipts, I put the Quilted Crystal peg lights. It ups the price of the grouping, and I have lots of people buying this grouping a couple of pieces at each show, and lots booking to receive the grouping.

Here's another Tabletop Seville grouping... simply stunning!

$70.95  Tabletop Seville
$6.95    Crystal Rain Sand
$19.95  6" Snowball
$26.95  6" Deck the Halls ring underneath Seville

During August 2001, hostesses can get the TTS as a hostess special and add the rest with just a $215.40 show + 1 booking!


$39.95     Medici
$26.95     Holly Leaf Cafe'
$28.95     Holly Leaf Candle Holders
$36.95     4" Falmouth (one cup/saucer on Falmouth)
$16.95     Chateau Snuffer (to look like coffee spoon)


$36.95     Holly Candle Holder w/ Crystal Rain Sand and champagne bottle
$31.95     Tuscan Harvest Wreath around Holly Candle Holder
$6.95       Crystal Rain Sand
$13.95     Holly Candle Tray w/ Christmas Cookies or cheese
$21.95     Iced Crystal Pair to look like wine glasses
$15.95     Glacier Pair next to Holly Candle Holder



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