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May 22
It has been brought to my attention that the message board has not been functioning correctly this week - and upon testing I discovered you're right! Apparently, there is a size limitation on the message board portion of the AT&T site where BoB now resides, and we reached it in just a little over a month! I have set up a new message board site, on Inside The Web, which is a commercial site but allows for more message traffic.

It's a good alternative, other than the fact that there is the obligatory advertisement at the top of the board which we have no control over (and you all know how I HATE those! I frequently get outspoken and step on toes when I jump on my soapbox regarding ads & SPAM on the lists, and have been informed by more than one person that I need to come into the real world when stating my opinions regarding ethical use of the internet LOL)

Obviously, I will continue to search for another alternative, but until then, check out the new message board format by clicking on the link above. It's unmoderated, but that doesn't mean that unpleasantries can't be removed! -Belinda

May 21
[Company] Soap Opera Game
Dating Parties is a Frame of Mind
"555" Party

May 19
Sheila suggested these two great poems to insert in hostess packets. I know I have used the Tale of Two Hostesses in my packets for some time, with slightly different wording. The second one, For The Hostess,  sounds like it came from a stamping consultant - a great idea to put with a little something for the hostess, and can obviously have the wording altered for candles, pictures, lingerie, whatever party you are having!

I tied these and other suggestions like the Have/Get Chart together on a new page in the Start Me Up section titled What's in a Hostess Packet?

May 18
Thanks to the Southern California group from the Contagious region - Suzanne Moore sent some fabulous grouping ideas that they came up with at their last regional! Summer Groupings

May 15
June Sampler Page
A great idea from Fran to jump right in on the June Sampler sales! What are some more ways you are going to capitalize on this incredible opportunity with the June candle assortment box?

Overcoming Objections
Yet another set of the 10 most frequently heard objections to booking a show, passed on to the candle lists from another direct sales list! Just goes to show that we all encounter similar objections, and we all have the power to overcome them!

Votive Necklaces
This is a great idea for multiple bookings - easy, fun, and inexpensive. I have no idea where the original idea came from, as I have heard it at my regionals, leader meetings, and on every list and bulletin board in the past three months! So we all thank you, whoever did it first!

May 6
Tabletop Seville Ideas

May 5
Repeat Hostess/guest games

May 1
The Albino Squirrel

Thanks Jaymie for stepping in to take a turn at helping with the directory updates! I really appreciate all the volunteers when I start to find myself over my head! Once again - this is YOUR website everybody - YOU make it great! I just put it in one place to make it easy!

Something I forgot to add to the April What's New page...

I finally put together a chart detailing HOW TO WRITE UP that Jar fund-raiser you all keep asking for! It will take a while to load on your computer....but hopefully will answer some of those questions! I'm still working on a better way to display the chart online instead of as a graphic. Again - if you prefer - you can send a SASE with EXTRA POSTAGE enclosed loosely in the envelope to cover the cost of color copies - (read the details on the fund raiser page itself) and I will return mail clean color copies to you.

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