Firehouse Fund Raising Letter
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Attention Firefighters!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to [Company]! We are a direct sales company specializing in candles and candle accessories for the home. We are one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the United States and Europe.

[Company] introduces new tealight houses each January to add to our collection. In 1999 we are bringing out a Firehouse! I wanted you to be among the first to see it! I have found that many firefighter families collect firefighter memorabilia, and felt sure that you and many of your firefighters would want to add this to your collections!

[Company] offers you fundraisers, in-home shows, as well as individual orders. When you do a fundraiser with [Company], you can receive either money or free product for your percentage of the show. With our new Firehouse, now would be the best time to get a fundraiser scheduled for the New Year. In addition, we have new Buds-N-Bloom and Holiday Catalogs in April and August in addition to the new everyday catalog that comes out each January. This allows you to choose [Company] three times a year for fundraising activities. Building your fundraising activities around a product that everybody loves and is consumable insures your success! Plus, using candles and candle accessories as a fundraising product gives your firefighters the opportunity to do safety training in the community above and beyond what we do at shows!

I look forward to discussing this wonderful opportunity with you. I would be happy to display our products at one of your meetings or meet privately with you. Please feel free to share this with your firefighters and Ladies Auxiliary. I am willing to work with any and all of the fundraising groups in your department or to do private shows for individuals.

Very truly yours,

[Consultant Name]

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