Fund Raiser Letters
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These are sample fund-raiser letters that come from various direct-sales consultants. Each could be modified to fit your particular company's products and program.

Just a note...because I am unfamiliar with each company's individual policies regarding use of their trademarked name on the internet, I will ALWAYS substitute an alternative name for the specific company name that was used in the original letter.

Please use these sample letters in the spirit in which they are intended, as samples to create your own personalized introduction letter to fit your own particular fund raising products and organizations!

Margaret's Letter generic - all products pdf
Amy's Letter -
Jars & Votives (for giving up to 30% profits to organization)
Amy & Lissa's Revised Letter
- Jars & Votives
Jenna's Day Care Provider Fund Raiser Letter - Jars & Votives
Laurie Payer's Realtor Fax - not really a fundraiser letter, but similar in how it's handled for the show summary.  Bubble Jars
Judie's Flyer Sample - Jars & Votives
Renee's 9/11 Tragedy Fundraiser letter All products
Firehouse Fund Raising Letter

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This page last updated  July 06, 2005