Instructions Letter Votive Fundraiser
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Sample Instruction Letter for Votive Fundraiser

The following is a sample letter for you to include with your fundraising packets to each person taking orders.  This is only an example.  You'll need to create one yourself to fit your particular needs.  You can copy and paste this information in to your word processing program and edit from there.

Thank you for your efforts to help raise funds for ____________________________.

If you have any questions feel free to call me.  My number is on the business card attached to your packet.  The person within your organization who is your direct contact person is also listed on the packet.

Please remember to collect the amount due for orders before you turn your packet in.  You have two weeks to take orders.  Each box of votives sell for:  $_____.  Your packet must be turned in to __________________________________________ by ____________________.
Inform all who order they will receive their candles 3-4 weeks after the orders are received by me on ____________________.

Just before you turn in your orders, please be sure your orders match the amount of money you are turning in.  Your name and number must be on the form you turn in.

Remind those you talk with that you are selling the best quality candles that money can buy!  Colonial Candle of Cape Cod manufactures these candles.  Each votive will burn for 8-10 hours and completely liquefies as it burns, so they must be placed in an appropriate holder to burn correctly.  Our wicks are lead-free and the candles are made from high quality food grade paraffin.  The lasting scent is from fragrant oils used in the formula to make these high quality candles. Wicks should be trimmed to 1/4".

The candles will be delivered to __________________________ on or about ________________ and each order will be bagged with the customers name on the bag.  Please pick up your orders and deliver them within 3 days of that time. 

Thank you again and I wish you great success in reaching your goal!



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