Pillar of Light Fund Raiser
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1/16/99 Christin, Contagious Unit, Masterpiece Region

I made up a fundraiser for a local junior fire division......maybe this will help whoever was looking for a way to do one...... Its called the "Pillar of Light" Fundraiser. I made a list of all the scents in the 3X9 size, explained that I would provide a candle care card for each pillar sold, help sort the order, etc. I would donate $2.25 for each pillar sold, and checks must be made out to me. I also made a tally sheet, how much for 1,2,3,4,5. etc.

If this organizations sold 50 pillars, I would donate an additional pillar for a future raffle, and if they sold 100 pillars,  I would donate a 3 wick~ Hope this idea helps~

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