Fundraiser How-To Guide
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So you want to do a fundraiser, but where do you begin?  
This guide will take you through the process beginning to end
Note:  This project page is a compilation of submissions from many consultants.  
My thanks to all who contributed to this project.  
Special thanks to Laurie for creating the Tally sheets ~ Jackie Whiteker

There are many ways to do a fundraiser.  
For this example, we will be giving the organization 20% 
of the profits from compensatable sales.

Step 1:  If you don't already have an organization in mind to do a fundraiser, you will want to get the word out about your offer of a PL Fundraiser.  Below are the links to different letter samples you can use to send out to various organizations.  Of course you'll need to set your own prices according to the tax in your area.  When I called home office I was told that we could put as many products as we desired per order form and not incur extra shipping.  However, I have heard from others that they WERE charged extra shipping on large orders.  For this reason, I would suggest you put your orders on several order forms to cover the shipping.  You'll need to figure what price you are going to use for the product before you mail out your letters.  You can play with the figures using this chart to decide on what you will charge.  This is an Excel file.  If you cannot download the file, click here for the zipped file and unzip to your hard drive.  Enter your tax rate and what you think you will be charging.  This will automatically do the figuring for you so you can see what your profit/cost will be.

Sample Letters:
Margaret's Letter
generic - all products pdf
Amy's Letter -
Jars & Votives (for giving up to 30% profits to organization)
Amy & Lissa's Revised Letter
- Jars & Votives
Jenna's Day Care Provider Fund Raiser Letter - Jars & Votives
Laurie Payer's Realtor Fax - not really a fundraiser letter, but similar in how it's handled for the show summary.  Bubble Jars
Judie's Flyer Sample - Jars & Votives
Renee's 9/11 Tragedy Fundraiser letter All products

Step 2: For a really successful project, you need to follow up the letters with an in-person visit or phone call. Mailings only are never very effective.  Take a sample of the product offered with you and get them excited about the quality and "sellability" of the items.  Remember they will need one booking for this fundraiser.  If they can't get one, you can add one you get from your 2+2 calls.  This is totally up to you.

Step 3: Now that you've secured an organization, you'll need to deliver fundraising packets to them.  Click here for an example of what to put in the packets. If you are offering an incentive to the ones who sell the most, you'll need to include that on your instruction sheet also to keep them motivated.  This works well when you are doing a fundraiser through schools and other child based organizations.  Some incentives you can offer are:  Gift Certificates, Pizza Parties, Small gifts appropriate for the age group, etc.

Step 4: Deliver the packets and let them know that you are available should they have any questions or problems along the way.  Be sure and give a deadline on the instruction page for collecting orders. Set up a time with the person in charge for you to come and collect the packets.  It's always a good idea to have one person within the organization who you can appoint as your contact person for this fundraiser.

Step 5: After the packets are collected, go through each one and double check the math to see that everything reconciles.

Step 6: It's time to write up your show order form.  If you are following this example and giving the organization 20% of the profits, there are several ways to do this.  
Laurie has created a tally sheet (zipped file) that will help you with this task.  Just enter the number of items you sold under each product name and the tally sheet will help you determine how to write up the show.  
Click the tabs at the bottom to access the proper sheet for your project.  Laurie has included instructions for you also on the first sheet.  If you have any questions concerning the tally sheets, please contact Laurie.

I have also written up a sample formula step-by-step guide to help explain.

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