Fundraiser Formula
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20% Formula for Bubble Jar Fundraiser:

100 jars sold for $14.00 each to include shipping and tax.  Total collected:  $1400.00.
Tax rate is 5.9%

20% of compensatable sales to organization - $259.00
25% hostess credit used to order jars - $259.00

Show Summary and Order Forms:
Order 8 per order form.

For example:  1400.00 in sales from organization.  
8 jars ordered per order form but only 80 actually written up as guest orders @ $12.95 each.  
80% goes on comp. sales - 1036.00.  
20% of jars goes under the hostess credit which is 259.00 ($12.95 x 20 jars = $259.00).  
Total due on entire order to PL:  $1153.18.  
You collected 1400.00  and you will receive $259.00 profit check.  
You will have $246.82 left over when you subtract 1153.18 from 1400.00. 
Give organization $259 (20%) .  Your out of pocket expense (before profit check) is $12.18.  
Actual profit from this fundraiser for you:  $246.82
You gave the organization $259.00.

This is just one way to figure up the final show summary.  You can order all the products on guest orders and use the hostess credit to order extra products for yourself if you prefer.  But doing it this way, you won't realize any cash profit - your profit check will go to them.  But you'll have $323.75 in free products! 

How you write up the fundraiser show is up to you.  Laurie's tally sheets (zipped tally sheets) really help in that respect to help you decide what you'll need to charge to cover your tax and shipping.

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