Votive Lottery Worksheet
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It’s easy as 1….2…..3…. The Votive Lottery!

  • Votive lottery involves having 6 people agree to sell 10 dozen votives each.

  • Five of the six people who participate, receive 1 dozen votives FREE!

  • The 6th person is the grand prize winner of 10 dozen votives or $109 in free product.

  • All orders and payments must be received by _______________

  • On __________, I will draw one of the lottery participants to be the Grand Prize Winner.

The cost of the votives are $______ per dozen which includes shipping and tax, with the option of splitting the dozen in two fragrances.

Please make checks payable to:_______________________________

And mail to: _______________________________________________

Any questions, call:_________________________________________

 Fragrances/Flavors Available:

V0609    White/Floral Citronella
V0610    White/Gardenia
V0611    Ivory/Vanilla
V0615    Yellow/Pineapple
V0616    Colonial Yellow/Pear
V0623    Cranberry/Cranberry
V0628    Mulberry/Raspberry
V0633    Orange/Orange Sherbet
V0636    Harvest Sunset/Mulled Cider
V0637    Mauve/Spiced Plum
V0639    Ivory/Holiday Spices
V0640    Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice
V0641    Beige/Gingerbread
V0643    Peach/Summer Peach
V0650    Evergreen/Balsam Pine 
V0651    Arbor Green/Green Apple
V0652    Mint/Honeydew

V0653    Colonial Green/Bayberry
V0659    Jade/Eucalyptus
V0662    Navy/Blueberry
V0664    Royal Blue/Ocean Mist
V0665    Sky Blue/Sky
V0671    Purple/Grape
V0674    Toasted Gold/Winter Spice
V0680    Warm Brown/Cinnamon Sticks
V0682    Black/Black Cherry
V0690    Ribbon Red/Spiced Cookies

V0692    Damson/Sugar Plum  
V0696    Breakwater Blue/Bergamot
V06541  Aqua/Summer Showers
V06581  LIght Peach/Peach Passion
V06761  Sunshine Yellow/Mellow Mango
V06771  Light Pink/Raspberry Rapture
V06781  Bright Green/Marvelous Melon

Download this worksheet as an Adobe PDF file
Detailed Instructions for writing up the "show" and submitting it.

Thanks to Jan for putting this together and sharing!

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