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Here's a copy of a great letter Renee (ScandleUs NeNe on BoB) composed for a fundraiser.  Copy and paste into your word processing program and edit it to fit your needs.  Renee attached a copy of the scent chart with her letter.


My heart and prayers go out to any of you who have suffered a personal loss in this horrific attack on America. The feeling of helplessness with the injured and families of the victims so far away has motivated me to do all that I can to support the rebuilding effort. Not only does our country need blood, we need millions of dollars for the families, medical attention, and countless other needs that will arise from this tragedy.

So I'm doing all I know how to do: using my business to support my country. Along with hundreds of other PL consultants and leaders around the nation, I will donate up to __% of my profits this month to the American Red Cross. If each of the consultants involved nationwide can raise $1000, we will be able to donate over $300,000 to help the countless victims of this attack within the next 3 weeks.

You may purchase anything you want, but to keep this simple I have special prices for the following (fragrance choices are on the reverse side of this page):

VOTIVES (burn 8-10 hours)

TEALIGHTS, 1 dz. (burn 4-5 hours)

BUBBLE JARS (burn 30 hours)
$15.00 PER JAR

Whether you choose to help through this fundraising effort, or another organization close to your heart, those in need will forever be grateful for the grass roots support of every American during this tragic time. Please contact me at the number below to
Light a Candle For America.

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