Votive Fund Raiser
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1/11/2001 - Updated Votive Fund Raiser form available on the Downloads Page

1/16/99 Judie, Walking in the Light Unit, Desire Region contributed this suggested flyer format.

Candle Fundraiser

I am offering you the world's finest candles.
I am sure you will enjoy every relaxing moment with them.
There are a variety of scents and colors to suit everyone's taste!
Here are some choices:

Votives:  One Dozen for $12.00
Fragrance Choices:  (color/fragrance)
White/Floral Citronella, White/Gardenia, Ivory/Vanilla, Colonial Yellow/Pineapple, Colonial Yellow/Pear, Cranberry/Cranberry, Mulberry/Raspberry,
Orange/Orange Sherbet, Harvest Sunset/Mulled Cider, Mauve/Spiced Plum, Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice, Beige/Gingerbread, Peach/Summer Peach, Evergreen/Balsam Pine, Arbor Green/Green Apple, Mint/Honeydew, Colonial Green/Bayberry, Jade/Eucalyptus, Navy/Blueberry, Royal Blue/Ocean Mist, Sky Blue/Sky, Purple/Grape, Black/Black Cherry, and Breakwater Blue/Bergamot.
*also new holiday scents:  Ivory/Holiday Spices, Toasted Gold/Winter Spice, Damson/Sugar Plum, Ribbon Red/Spiced Cookies, and Warm Brown/Cinnamon Sticks!

Jar Candles:  $14.00

Your choice of Delicious Pineapple, Crème Caramel, Spiced Vanilla, Orange Sherbet, Mulberry, 
Cinnamon Sticks, or new Pumpkin Spice!

Items Ordered:________________________________________
Amt. Paid____________________________________________


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