Votive Lottery
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Updated 9/13/2000
Thanks to Jan for writing up this detailed information sheet on one way to conduct a Votive Lottery! She also created an awesome worksheet which you can download in either Adobe format or print from the browser to make your own changes.

Jan's Votive Lottery Worksheet pdf 11k
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(This example uses a base price of $12.50 per dozen votives sold, allowing for 6% sales tax. You will need to adjust accordingly for your local area.)

Votive lottery involves having 6 people agree to sell 10 dozen votives each.
All 6 participants receive product for free.
Five people who participate get 1 dozen votives.
The 6th will be the grand prize winner of 10 dozen votives or $109 gift certificate.

How to write it up:

Put 5 dozen of votives on each order form. (Due to shipping expenses)
If all 6 people sold the 10 dozen votives each, you should have
12 order forms.

The compensatable sales for this example will be: $654.00

YOU provide a booking to ensure 25% hostess credit: $163.50
Less the 5 dozen of votives to be giving to participants: $ 54.50

Amount to be given to Prize Winner in Gift Certificate or $109.00

Free Product:

1 Dozen Votives: $10.90
Shipping costs on a dozen of votives: $ 0.90 (including hostess shipping)
6% Sales Tax: $ 0.70
Price per dozen of votives: $12.50

Show Summary:
Comp sales: $654.00
Guest Shipping: $ 54.00
Hostess Shipping: $ 0.00
Guest Tax: $ 41.76 (calculated at 6%, please adjust accordingly)
Hostess Tax: $ 10.02
Total Show $: $ 751.28
You have collected $ 750.00

Out of pocket expense: $ 1.28

**You can either raffle off the price items (there would be 3)
or you can use them yourself.
**This helps tremendously in building your sales.
**Put a time limit on it (allow two weeks).
**Always plan for more than 6 participants in case someone cancels.
**You have just made $163.50 in profit! And hopefully, bonused!

For further questions or clarification, email Jan!

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