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Step-by-Step Guide to doing a Fund Raiser
Fund Raiser How-To Guide
by Jackie Whiteker.  Complete with tally sheets designed by Laurie

Fund Raiser Posts from Email Lists

You could still get paid on the fundraiser. One way to do a fundraiser is to settle on a percentage amount that you would give the organization -- say 20%. (Good idea to stipulate that you need at least one booking for every so much in sales in order to offer them that percentage.)

If they have a $400 show (most fundraisers would be way more than that), you would give them $80 (20%) back at the "show" closing. You then will write up a $320 show, and get paid on a $320 show. The extra items you don't have the cash for get listed under the hostess credit section.

This is how it was explained to me by my GL. You could also just take the Hostess Credit and pay them their percentage when you get your check from the Company. If you give them less than 25% profit, you would still get some money for the show.

Wendy Charlton, TL
Working toward Shopping Spree!
Sparkle Lites Unit, Premiere Region
Pittsburgh, PA

Reply to all the fundraiser unit has been successfully doing fundraisers for several years now. We have found sometimes small groups (10-30) work the best unless there is a definite goal everyone is working for.

Jars work well BUT Home Interior has a jar for $5.00 that a lot of groups are using. BOO! Unfortunately it does smell decent but the jar is not a wonderful reusable one like ours!

We have used the jar ALOT and sell it for $14.25 including shipping and tax (6% here). We challenge each person to sell at least 10. If the group sales are under $500.00 they only get 25% BUT if they are over they get 30%. You can offer more but this seems to be perfect around here.

Depending on the age group we offer incentives ranging from gift certificates from "Toys R us" (they will give you a discount sometimes!), gift baskets with free pizza coupons, movie tickets, tanning, haircuts and products, of course candles (you can usually get some donated!) or for adult groups a 3 wick and ring, G.C.'s or whatever.

We supply books or lead sheets and special forms and with smaller groups and actual jar for each person. The time frame is short, urgency is important, usually 7-10 days.

We've also used the Holiday Catalog and that has worked very well.

Sometimes you may even find a group that wants product instead of money.... either way works fine.

"The Fire Inside" Region

Here's how you get paid - Even if you give the group 25% if you make bonus you will get 7% in $$$$$ PLUS tons of product that you can keep, use for recognition, take to your shows as cash and carry (100% profit) or keep for your own open house sale (even if you discount everything it is pure profit!)

You can also give them incentives to sell more by offering 20% for a certain amount of sales, 25% for the next level or even 30% for an exceptionally worthy cause. It's your business. I offer an extra 5-10$ for each show booked from the fundraiser. Of course, that isn't paid until the show is held.

"The Fire Inside" region

If you take the total of your sales (let's use $400 to be even), give the charity 20% ($80) the total sales you would show as compensatable would be $320. Then you take $320x25% and you have? Guess what! $80! (This works no matter what the show totals!) So, you give the charity $80, and put $80 worth of product (from the $400 total-with me so far?) into the hostess credit section. Your compensatable sales won't be as high as your total sales were, but you aren't putting up the cash to pay the charity! Hope this helps.

Martha (Marty) Buckely
Future Unit Leader of "Feel the Fire"
Current Unit: Burnin' De$ire
Region: Great Expectations

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