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Let's Make A Deal
two versions - one has been on BoB since June 1999, the newer version contributed by Angi on the message board may be a little easier to re-create.

Are You Positive? Best of Hank
Starlight Express
Best of Hank


It occurred to me that the following posts could be very important to people other than AOL members. Please read this page thoroughly and carefully - I want everyone to have safe and painless internet experiences. My mother's AOL account has been hacked twice in the last month. Each time the hacker sent out thousands of unsolicited email (SPAM) before AOL shut the account down. This is NOT a virus - it's NOT a hoax - I have cleaned up and restored the account twice. It is definitely not confined to AOL users only - although it's a common problem there. 

The internet can be a great tool when used safely and responsibly. Do your part and be informed.

Word To The Wise


Chat was fun tonight! I haven't had a chance to go to a chat in quite a while and I was surprised and pleased to find that there are some regulars who are generally in the room around 9 central time most evenings! We had anywhere from 3 to 20 people in the chat room this evening coming and going as they had time. Lots of great tips were passed around, especially about starting up a business when all your contacts are "used up". Amazingly enough, the suggestions given were all tried and true methods, ...get on the phone and TALK! Work your business like a business...pass out tealights and business cards...follow up. Sound familiar? It should. Here are some links to pages that already discuss these and other booking ideas:

2+2 Trauma
Fair Results
Overcoming Objections
Dating Parties is a Frame of Mind 
How To Book 8-10 Shows (also known as New Consultant's Letter)
Get 100 No's
Build a New Contact List
Hostess Coaching
Turn Your Business Around in 7 Days
No One and Nothing are At Fault 
Make Your Calls
Down and Out

These are all pages that already exist on Best of the Boards. They are not new, and the ideas presented in them are not new. Even if you've read them before, read them again. Then STOP reading them and ACT!

$100 Groupings
from the BoB message board

The last of the individual pages of Sam's Themes. New themes will be added as they are contributed. If you are contributing a theme, please email it to the belindaj@att.net address as that mailbox is more reliable at attachments. The easiest way for me to format it for the page is to send the graphics separately from the text, or to attach it as its original file format. If it is a PrintShop file it needs to be saved as not greater than version 5. Any other file formats I should be able to convert easily.

17. International Party
18. Mardi Gras Party
19. Margarita Party
20. Men Only Party
21. Monday Night Football Party
22. Nacho/Taco Building Party
23. Naughty Nightie Party
24. Cool Pool Party
25. Red White & Blue Party
26. Show & Tell Party
27. Shower Party
28. Sports Theme Party
29. Strawberry Shortcake Party
30. Build Your Own Sundae Party
31. Tropical Drink Party
32. Ugly Candle Party
33. White Elephant Party
34. Wine & Cheese Party


More individual themes from Sam...

9. Create Your Own Theme
10. Death By Chocolate Party
11. Deck or Patio Party
12. Fruit Salad Party
13. Fund Raiser Party
14. Garden Party

15. Halloween Party
16. Hawaiian Shirt Party


Best of Hank - Quitting
For anyone who has ever had doubts.

Nice to Meetcha
A friendly thread carried over from the BoB message board!

As requested
A blank "template" style fund-raiser form in black & white. Possible customizing might include instructions at the top to use page numbers, item numbers, & prices in the various columns, or you could choose a set number of items to sell on the fund raiser - maybe porcelain houses, or maybe tealites/pillars/tapers/votives/3-wicks in each column.


Still finishing up Samantha's Themes Pages. The larger size Acrobat files (line 2 in the table) in zip format were added to the download table tonight, as well as individual pages that could be printed from the web for the first 8 themes. Direct Links at the bottom of today's update paragraphs.

For those of you who may be having some trouble with the downloads, I beg you to please read the whole page thoroughly before posting or emailing questions. There's a lot of text there because I tried to answer the things that might come up. But I missed a few important points (or didn't state them as eloquently as I thought I had LOL)...so here is the amended version:

Zip files - you need to have the Winzip Utility or you can't unzip them! It's a free download, and the link is on the download table on the themes page. You will need to install the downloaded file before it will work (double click on the file you downloaded - so remember where you saved it!)

PrintShop files - you must have PrintShop to read/edit them! It's not free - you have to buy it. See the Themes page for more explanation and purchasing suggestions.

Acrobat files - most newer computers have the Acrobat Reader installed with their basic software/browser, but if not, you will need to download the FREE Acrobat Reader software - also linked on the Download table on the Themes Page.

Today's Added Theme Pages:
1. Banana Split Party
2. Beach Party
3. Black Friday Party
Brunch Party
5. Cash & Carry Party
6. Christmas in July Party
7. Coffee Lover's Party
Couples Party


Hostess Thank You Letter 
Booking Thank You Letter
Thanks Angela, for refreshing our memory and sharing simple thank you letters to send to our hostesses and prospective hostesses!

Candle Christmas Club
Posted twice on the message boards, this has been a frequent request. Tina emailed the word files to me to be included here and they are available as the original Word docs, or also formatted on html pages that can be printed directly from the web.

Stay Alive - Book Week Five
Originally posted to the candleleader onelist in December 1998, I had thought it was already on BoB but I must have overlooked it!


Samantha's Themes

An honest to goodness full-fledged update today. Yes, it's been a long time coming, but when you take a look at the new series of pages, you'll understand why. 

Although not 100% complete, the new Theme Series pages are ready for viewing/download. Please read the whole intro page thoroughly before determining which sets of pages to download. There are multiple format choices (and there will be more later) to try to accommodate everyone's computers. 

Thanks Samantha O'Brien for your awesome creativity and willingness to share this wonderful set of theme pages with everyone! Please, folks, direct any questions back to Samantha, as she is the original author/contributor.

Also new today: Best of Hank additions
Catalog Shows (a reprint from May)
You're One of a Kind
Big Deal!
Letter To a Friend
Holiday Note Cards

This page last updated  July 06, 2005