Banana Split Party
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The hostess provides the ice cream, guests are assigned a topping to bring to the party - this is an added incentive to attend!

It's also fun to ask each guest to bring their own banana - add it to the invitation cards - and then use the following quick and fun poem/game as an ice breaker to start or end the show:

Your hostess tonight will be the judge, but I'm the one who brought the fudge
And all the other toppings too, to make a delicious dessert for you.

Now look at your bananas and give yourself 4
For having a banana with 10 spots or more.

Now if your banana's a vibrant green, give yourself a count of 16.
And if yours is the longest one, give yourself 21.

But let's be kind to the one most short, and give her 10 points for being a sport.
A yellow banana's the best to eat, it'll get you 10 points, which is a treat.

Now, if yours is bruised, softened or brown,
Deduct 2 points. What a let down.

The one who has the longest stem, gives you easily another 10.
But if your stem is tattered or broken, TAKE 2 points as a little token.

If it's a high score, you're looking for (and it is),
BOOKING A SHOW gives you 30 points more.

Now count your points, and add up your score.
The one with the most is what we're looking for!

Suggested Product Displays:

2 Optic Odysseys, buth turned upside down. One filled with whipped cream and strawberries with a raspberry tealight, the other filled with coffee beans all the way up to the vanilla tealight. When lit, this gives off a delicious mocha fragrance Mmmm!

Perhaps a Viking with 3 different fruit toppings on each of the pillar bases, vanilla pillar or ball candles on the center holder, bananas arranged around the base of the Viking.

Creme Caramel and Pineapple Jar Candles, of course, to go along with the food theme!

Lemon & Kiwi Floaters in the Orbit Bowl

Use honeydew & orange sherbet votives in the Left Right game or as door prizes.

It will be great! You'll want to eat it all!

(compiled from various posts)

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