Candle Christmas Club Letter
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I know that everyone loves to do early Christmas shopping!!! How would you like to do it from your seat and not your feet?????

All you have to do is save $5.00 a week starting July 1 thru November 10th. Thatís $100.00 saved for your shopping!!!!!

Now, on the 10th of November I will be holding a Party at my house showing all of our favorite candles and accessories PLUS some of our new Christmas items!!!!!!

But thereís more!!! If you are willing to participate, I will send you a special invitation! Bring that invitation with you to the party and be entered into a drawing to find out who our MYSTERY HOSTESS will be! Thatís right!! YOU could be the winner of 25% of the partyís total, drawings will also be held for Ĺ price items and the November monthly hostess specials!!

In order to plan accordingly I need you to RSVP by: June 15th @ 123-4567. If you call me before I call you, youíll receive a box of votives of your choice the night of the party!!! There will be lots of prizes and items to be won by ALL!!! So, please donít delay; REMEMBER let me know either way!!! Who knows, November 10th may be your lucky day!!!

Thank You and an Early Merry Christmas To You!!!


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