Flyer For Christmas Club
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First off, Iíd like to thank you for joining my Christmas Club! You will soon find out the exciting ways to win FREE candles and more! Please take a few moments to review ALL the ways you can win!

  • You will be receiving a special invitation within the next couple of weeks, make sure to bring it the night of the party, there will be 4 lucky mystery hostesses!
  • Call anytime between now and the party to host your own Christmas party and you could win a FREE 3-WICK!! (Based on a $200 party total, candle will be added to your party!)
  • Every one will receive a ticket for being on time; you could win a NEW item from the Christmas Catalog!
  • Bring a friend and receive a FREE candle! (They will too!)
  • Bring 2 friends and youíll receive FREE shipping!
  • Bring MORE than 2 friends and all your names go into a drawing for one of the monthly Hostess Specials! (8 winners)
  • If you or any of your guests place an order over $175, you will go into a drawing for a FREE 3 WICK HOLDER!
  • If your friends decide to host their own party, youíll both receive a FREE snuffer!! (after their party has held)

As you can tell Santa is working overtime to make this Christmas Party the best around!! Tell ALL your friends!! They donít want to miss this!! If you have any questions between now and then feel free to call me!

Thank You,




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