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Option 1.
For those people who just can't have a party because they are too busy running the kiddos to games, dance, etc...Offer for them to have a Show on the Go!

Wal-mart, or any craft store sells the embroidery floss boxes, just like our votive sampler boxes, in many sizes. Find the smallest you can and put sample votives in it. Give her/him a catalog, order forms, etc. and tell her if she gets 10 orders she can have the "sampler" as your gift to her/him!!

You could tailor the # or maybe dollar amount, or bookings, etc... Have fun, and shine brightly!!


Option 2.
I thought of another show on the go! When someone says, "I would just love to have a show, but my kids have ball games all summer and we are never home." Just say, "Great, I am looking for ladies to do a Show on the Go." Give them a Citronella votive or two and a [company] votive cup (available at Conference - Company Store) and a few catalogs and forms. They will be very popular at ball games with a citronella candle!!! Julie

Option 3.
Use a gift bag, and one of our tealight boxes. Use 12 different tealights labeled at the bottom as to the fragrance. A 10" square taper, and one quilted crystal pair piece, catalogs, order forms, sponsor pack etc....put in all in a gift bag, and voila!

Show on the Go!


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