Lakeside Getaway
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Items for display: Ariana, Bamboo Lantern, Fruit Splash, Gone Fishin, Stepping Stones, Quilted Crystal Pair, Sunflower Buddies, Capri,Jewel Candle Holders, Gemini, Indulgences.

Wax scents: Pineapple, Green Apple, Summer Peach, Honeydew, Sky, Ocean Mist.

Tonight, I want you to sit back and relax, and let your imagination take over, as you smell the Ocean Mist & pineapple, and sense the clean clear Sky.

Here’s Ariana. She’s a magical porcelain fairy that will whisk you away to your Cabin retreat. Soon after you arrive at your lakeside cabin, your husband informs you that he is Gone Fishin, which leaves you to relax and enjoy the cool, fresh air. You step outside the cabin, and take in a long, deep breath of that clean air. You remember your favorite place to sit and relax when you visit the lake; your Stepping Stones. As you take your seat, you can see him in his fishing boat on the lake. In your head, you send him a wish of luck, hoping he catches some fish. The air is getting cool, so you get up and head back for the cabin.

Inside, you see that the Bamboo Lantern and the Quilted Crystal Pair have cast an enchanting glow on the entire cabin. You catch a glimpse of the Gemini on the fireplace mantle, and are reminded of that special day, one year ago today, that the two of you shared. You turn to look out the window and see your Sunflower Buddies on the windowsill, and it makes you smile. What a truly wonderful place to be.

He is heading back by this time, with plenty of fish in tow for a wonderful candle lit dinner. In the kitchen, the Fruit Splash greets you with scents of pineapple, honeydew, peach and apple.

As the night comes to an end, you curl up by the fire. You Indulge yourself for a while with the sweet scent of Clarity. The Jewel Candle Holders remind you of all that’s precious in your life at this moment. This really has been a Scent-sational journey.
I hope you have enjoyed being whisked away to your Cabin getaway – and as you place these items in your home, the soothing scents of this vacation will always be with you.

I can't wait to use this at my next show! Charlene

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