Mystery Carnival Theme
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8/6/2000 Steve Tucky & Susan Parkhurst

"Mystery Carnival" is kinda like a mystery hostess party, where you hold a drawing to give away the hostess credit. Raffle off 1/2 priced items and hostess specials. Or raffle off old product you want to get rid of. Or for a regular party. It would work great for a hall show (multiple hostesses and lots of guests)

Have the following different areas set up:

1. Little floatie pool or the La Mer bowl w/drifters in it (2001update - use the glass pedestal bowl with the sea drifters or floating candle holders), instead of "prizes" have a number, probably taped to the bottom of a tlite, that way you can easily change the prizes so word doesn't get around which is the "best" floatie to pick, that's how many raffle tickets they get.

Of course in order to play the games they will have to place an order! Also, they get a game ticket for every $10 they spend before shipping and handling. Make sure everyone is able to earn some raffle tickets at each booth.

2. Ugly candle ring toss. ring the ugly candles and win the prize that is on the bottom.......prizes could range from more raffle tickets to 1/2 priced 3-wick (of course not all the candles should have high ticket items on them!) Or use various votives and a milk jug ring.

3. Fill a large jar with tealights, have everyone guess how many tealights are in the jar, the one who comes closest wins a prize, (you pick this one!). Or collect used clear cup tlites and use them, that way you don't need to use your whole inventory of tlites and throw in a few new tlites to add color.

4.Dart game, balloons on a board w/ prizes or more tickets inside, only "bookers" get to play this one!!!

Something like 20 tickets and assorted 1/2 priced items after they hold their show. Or the same prizes you use for your own balloon game.

5. 20 questions game, you have a list of 20 questions and have them answer the ?'s the one's with the most correct answers get more raffle tickets. ?'s could be, how many hrs. does a votive burn, tealights burn time, kind of wax PL candles are made of. etc......

6. Create a clown face or Mardi Gras mask and play toss the tlite through the mouth. Winner gets more tickets.

7. Use your empty cc tlites, color misc ones special colors the the ones who throw a penny in the special cups gets more tickets, and maybe have a special "Teal" colored cup for the "grand prize" in that game, you decide what that is.

8. Create a guess the votive game, conceal the color of a votive or tlite, have the guests guess the scent and the more they get correct, the more raffle tickets they receive.

Of course you can't use every game listed here, but have them available and switch them to keep everyone guessing which games you will be bringing to the show.

9. Knock down the milk bottles game with "inferior" candles.

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