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Just returned home from a 200 mile drive to a show! Yes, 200 miles! Was it worth the drive??? YES! $1300 in sales, 2 new bookings, 2 new consultants!  Just had to share...I'm on cloud 9!

from NANCY
SUL Fabulous Region I did not know the hostess prior to the show. I did a show for her sister in Lemoore, CA. The sister called the night of the show and booked. I went to San Jose in the blind! A little worried perhaps, but knew it was a chance I wanted to take.

Since it is nearing Valentine's Day, I made up some tin cans (heart shaped, bright red, lots of curly ribbon) and made votive samplers up..used them as cash & carry. Also, took along a few relax with wax glasses; tealight samplers in Valentine's design tin cans, wrapped with lots of curly ribbon. I changed the Mr. Left & Right around to suite V Day, and used balloons. Every other guest

I really don't know how this one turned into such a high $ show, it just seemed like everyone was totally interested. There were 20 guests, all PL Newbies, never been to a show before!!! And they all laughed, and we played Mrs. Left & Mr. Right (Valentine's version) with the balloons. I had bottles of Sparkling Cider decorated with lots of red curly ribbon around the necks of the bottles. Those were for the people who booked a show! Then did some of my heart tin cash & carry sampler packs, a few packaged  tealight samplers wrapped in cans with beautiful curly ribbon...the entire table was done in a Valentine's theme, all pinks, reds, silver...They loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a terrific business...more fun than anything else I've ever done!

That's about it. If I can help any of you with any ideas that I use, just send me a line!
Thanks to all for the tremendous response!

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