Men's Parties
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8/2/2000 Linda Deming - Star Track 

I did a Men's Party and we had a lot of fun.

I talked about things they usually by their ladies like flowers--I then pulled out a dead plant and told them how long the joy of a plant lasts. Then I showed some pieces with our rose votive in them.

I mentioned the lingerie they like to buy, pulled out a black negligee and then asked them to remember how many times they see those gifts after they are opened. I showed them how to put the romance in the bedroom with the Clairmont Tealight Lamp.

The last thing I pulled out was an old hand mixer and just held it up and looked at them with a look that said "and I know you never buy appliances for gifts".

 I then told them about the wonderful wax, the burning times and everything else I usually say. We had a lot of fun. They got great gifts for their wives and I had a good show!

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