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Candles Make the Difference
Amy Geiger & Tacy Currey

Fits any wedding budget
You have many choices. You can purchase these items for your special day or you can take advantage of our programs to help stay within your budget. Hostess a candle show and receive a free shopping spree you can use to shop for your centerpieces, guest favors, or bridal party gifts. It's fun and easy! One evening can save you hundreds of dollars in wedding expenses. Relax and enjoy the fun as you and your friends and family help by throwing you a candle bridal shower.

Reception Decorations
Beautiful centerpieces add warmth to this special event. The glow of candles creates an elegant atmosphere to set the stage for your new life together. You can match your wedding theme with the choice of your accessories from bold brass candle lamps and warm florals, to sparkling crystal or quality southwestern designs.

Bridal Party Gifts
Give a special thanks to your bridal attendants and groomsmen with unique gift items from our fabulous line.

Guest Favors
Share the romance. Thank your guests for being a part of your special day by sending them home to a candle lit evening. Two tapers or a candle in a beautiful little holder is a unique gift that every guest can appreciate. We have a variety of gifts available starting as low as 70 cents per gift.

Bridal Registry
Decorate your home with your favorite candles and accessories. This is the easiest way for your guests to purchase gifts you will use for years. It's just a phone call away and is delivered straight to you.

Planning for the future
As you plan for the future, keep in mind that you have the opportunity to add income to your life. As a [Company] consultant, you can make around $30-$35 per hour with great advancement possibilities. No cash investment, deliveries or inventory. Start your own business, enjoy flexible hours, and be able to make great full-time pay from a part time job.

Wedding & Reception Centerpieces
Are you getting married? Do you know someone who is? We have the perfect solution on how to make your wedding extra special with our exclusive line of gorgeous silk flowers, beautiful crystal and brass products and the number one quality candles on the market! Other decorative touches that can be added to your reception are our large 3-wick candles displayed at both ends of the head table to add softness and romance. Brass plant stands make great holders for our 3-wicks, or look at the Seville in catalog. The delicate Iced Crystal Trio inside a hurricane shade looks wonderful framing the bride and groom on the head table or used as centerpieces to compliment the reception using the theme colors chosen for your wedding.

Combine the information above with the following test & example to create your own Wedding Ideas flyer to circulate at your shows:

Let us help you earn FREE product and save money without cutting back on the quality and beauty of your centerpieces, bouquets and favors for your tables.

Here's an example:
Kathy had a show to earn free product for her centerpieces from our line of silk flowers. She needed 20 arrangements. She ended up having a $400.00 show which entitled her to choose $100.00 in free merchandise from our catalog. Four of her friends booked a show from her show which entitled her to an additional $75.00 in free product once the bookings were held. Kathy also earned two items of her choice at 50% off for doing such a great job! Listed below is what she earned:

20 centerpieces at $17.95 retail
2 purchases at 1/2 price = $17.95
10 centerpieces = $179.50 retail minus $175.00 in free credit = $4.50 balance
So far Kathy owes $22.45 for 12 centerpieces.
By purchasing the other 8 centerpieces at retail, Kathy was able to obtain all of her candles for free!
Total Cost of completed centerpieces = $9.17!
(Centerpieces run $15.00 and up elsewhere)

Design Tip: Our metal tealights can be used in wax bags called luminaries with designs cut into them. These can be used to line a driveway or walkway at a wedding.

Wedding Favors
Party favors and candles are two items that are a must for weddings. There is nothing more relaxing and beautiful than candlelight reception.

If you choose to purchase a quantity of items from our line,
we can always turn your purchases into a show!

Anita had fallen in love with the Frosted Lotus Blossom cups and wished to purchase them as favors. Having a show before her wedding was not possible - - but she wished to have a show in her new home after the honeymoon. Since she had one booking, she was able to receive 25% credit on her purchases. She needed 30 boxes of the Frosted Lotus Blossoms. Here's how we saved her money:

27 boxes of lotus blossoms x $12.50= $337.50
25% of $337.50= $84.38 in free product!
Anita earned 3 boxes of Frosted Lotus Blossoms and7 dozen clear tealights for free totaling $83.00 in free product! Balance over credit = $1.38
She also purchased one box of tealights at 1/2 price = $3.25
Total amount for Anita's favors was $342.13
$342.13 divided by 90 favors = $3.80 per favor

Total Cost per favor = $3.80

Bridal Party Gifts
Why not think about purchasing gifts directly from our line to give your bridesmaids and thus receive a percentage of your purchase in free merchandise? A lovely gift idea is to give each bridesmaid one of our petal lites with a set of votives. The petal light is a porcelain tulip, which resembles Lenox. After the wedding day they can use the silk flowers for their bouquet around the gift that you have chosen from our line. Another great item is the Travel Tealight. This unique gift could be engraved on the bottom and kept as a cherished memento for years to come.

Wedding Bouquets
Creating your own bouquets not only saves you money but allows you to have control of the colors and the accents used to make you bouquets that much more special. When using silk rings you do not have to worry about flower freshness and you are also creating a keepsake for your bridal party.

Candle Bouquets
A unique and most stunning way to add beauty to your most special day is to use candle bouquets! Candle bouquets are hand-held bouquets of candlelight and silk flowers. Imagine each bridesmaid leading your procession with candlelight! How unique that would be- and we can show you how to set the ambiance of your special day and truly make it a day that everyone remembers! Ask us how...

Nancy needs to have 5 bouquets for her bridal party. She decided to have a catalog show and earn some free credit. With just 8 orders she had a $200.00 show and she secured one booking. She earned $50.00 in free merchandise. The price of the rings she wished to use for her bouquets was $13.95. Itemized below is what she earned:

One ring at 1/2 price = $6.98
Four rings at full price = $55.80
Minus her free credit earned=$50.00
Total price paid for flowers = $12.78

So far Nancy has spent $2.55 for each bouquet!

Additional supplies to complete Nancy's bouquets came to $6.00 per bouquet. This included both lace and silk ribbon. Her total cost per bouquet came to $8.55! You will not find them any cheaper than $25.00 at the florist.

If you prefer, Download the original Word 97 doc as submitted by Tacy Currey.


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