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Hi Everyone
My name is Susan Watson and I have responded to a few of the message on the list but mostly one on one with some of you. I would just like to say that I find the list to be a great source of information. Belinda's story on the 3 wick was great and I am going to some how incorporate that question in to my raffle show. I thought I would share a show with you that was taught to me a few months ago that is a lot of fun and it covers the three areas of opportunities for our business. It also creates some fun and exciting shows. The last show I used it on was a $611.00 show. But here it is and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

"Show in a Tote"
This is a great show to use for all three of the opportunities with PL.
It covers Sponsoring, Hostessing, and bookings.

In a Tote Bag:
Inside the tote bag put in the following items (I put mine in zip lock baggies) :

* 1 tealight (talk about the tealight)
* 1 votive (talk about the votive)
* A 3- wick or pillar burnt down  (used to show how our pillars and/or 3 wicks burn to nothing)
* 1 mirror (explain that burning PL candles by the bathroom mirror that the mirror will not fog up while taking a shower)
* 1 rubber ducky or floating toy ( talk about floaters)
* 1 stuffed toy (talk about hugging the candle)
* Spaghetti in a bag. (talk about romantic dinners using our tapers and that you can use it to light candles)
* 1 pair of pantyhose (to shine your candles) This one can be alot of fun!
* Some coffee beans in tulle (netting - use for scent of candles)
* A picture from one of the trips won (sponsoring seed)
* 2  fake $100 bills ( hostess/sponsoring seed)
* A pair of scissors (trim wicks)
* A Relax With Wax Pack

At the show tell everyone that you need their help to do your show. This creates interaction with the guests. You can explain that everything that they need to know about [PL] is represented by something in the tote. Ask everyone to take one item out of the bag and to pass it on. Keep passing the bag around until all items are taken.

At this point you can put your imagination to work. You can start at one end of the room
and have the guest hold up what they pick and then talk about it. OR you can work out a routine of  your own.

What makes this fun is a the unique items that can be used to talk about our candles, sponsoring, and the hostess program. The rubber duck, the mirror, and the spaghetti create some interesting comments. I have done this at several shows and the guest really like being a part of the show. When they see a 3 wick completely burned down it is a great testimony to our candles. I used a rose for the scent which created curiosity. The pantyhose can be one we can really have fun with. The leader that taught us this show came up with a line something on the order of "I wondered what I did with those when I took them off before coming to the show".

If you should have any  questions or come up with other articles that can be used let me know!

Susan Watson
Genesis Unit
Contagious Region

Replies to this post were equally great:

I love this idea!!! but as usual I have a few questions:
1) can i assume that the spaghetti is not cooked? and can you really light candles with it?
2) what is "tulle" and how does it apply since we don't have a coffee-scented candle?
3) what would you substitute for the trip picture if you haven't earned one yet?

I would love some more specific details with this.  I definitely see a lot of potential for this, especially in the area of showing just how easy our job is.   Do you recommend this more for repeats or new shows?

You are correct, the spaghetti is not cooked and yes you can really light candles with it.
Tulle is fine netting which is used for wedding veils and party favors.
The coffee beans are used to talk about the scent of our candles. They are great to use if the guest have smelled too many different scents and their "smeller" goes out of whack! The coffee beans will help to refresh their smeller!
I took a  picture from the Reflections magazine and put it in a frame because I haven't won one yet either. Or you could use something that you have won from a sponsoring contest, or fantastic sales.

I have done this show with both repeat and new shows. I have had a great time at both and so did the guest. Here are a couple other items that you can use

Take an empty tealight cup to show that our candles burn until they are empty.
Take the metal wick clip from a burned votive to show that is all that is left.
Put a little salt in a bag to talk about how to clean the silk flowers.

I also have a bookmarker that says
"Attitudes are Contagious! is Yours Worth Catching?"
This is also fun to use to talk about this awesome company.
I hope this helps. Use your imagination and if you come up with something else to use go for it and share!

I have also use a phrase that will soon be my unit name and it is "Catch The Glow" That is the Hostess Glow. I created this when I was asked to redo the Hostess Wish List for my unit leader. We wanted to come up with a new phrase. The "Catch The Glow" came from a hostess I had in her seventies. She was not listening at the show she attended before hers and didn't realize that she would receive free credit. She just knew she did not have the money to buy the ICT and the Hurricane shade at that show so she booked a show. When her show closed she received about $150.00 worth of product at no cost. When I told her it would be free she just lit up and glowed. When she finally received her order I went over to help her sort the orders and as she opened everything she received she began to Glow all over again.  

Remember that "Candles Warm Hearts and Home"

Susan Watson

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